Entertainment News Celebrity Gist I’m Crazy About Kim Kardashian And My Kids- Kanye West Reveals

I’m Crazy About Kim Kardashian And My Kids- Kanye West Reveals


I'm Crazy About Kim Kardashian And My Kids- Kanye West Reveals

Kanye West said he’s crazy about his wife, Kim Kardashian and his kids.

In a recent interview on Real 92.3 FM, Kanye said,

“I’m crazy about my kids. I’m crazy about Kim,’ ‘I’m so happy to be a father. I want to learn what my daughter has to say. What she learns. I just want to learn how she learns in this world. I’m extremely protective.’When I left Nike for Adidas I did it for my daughter,’ ‘There was an opportunity to grow.’ ‘There was love and admiration at Adidas, this was to make a better life for my daughter”

While admitting he read cruel comments about him and his family online, West says most words don’t affect him, unless they are about his family.

Kanye also says he has no regrets about anything posted on social media.

According to him, “I wake up in the morning and go read comments,” “We’re going to be gone in 100 years. I can’t say enough.”

Kanye says Kim sometimes asks him about his tweets and he has to explain to her why he posted them.

The rapper said he is “usually constantly working on new music.”

“I’m a champion. I’m a winner. I came to innovate. I came to change,” Kanye said.

“This is like Michael Jackson level. You need a guy like me in the game. I only know how to give 1,000 percent.” he added.



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    • U talking rubbish! Hu said Kanye has no talent? Nd Kim too? K, letz say u ve said d truth, dey mke moni without having any talent nd u dat supposedly ve talent is in poverty! Continue 2 hate dear!! Itz allowed!!

    • After your comment I started counting my blessings, after realizing I’ve been blessed so much that my fourth generation will never lack, monetary wise, I started counting my Real blessings again and it has nothing to do with material or vain stuffs as I see means alot to you and your katrashians and crazy Kanyes shame to the black nation set of Animals… Quoting from your fellow baby factory biafrats… And finally thank God you are Ibo. They manufacture POVERTY where you come from…I hope you know.Big Idiotic person like you. You are here defending the American society degenerates while your fellow Ibo woman was beheaded for defending her right as a market member and you never even made mention of that. Ewu ntooo. Omo ale..

  2. I see…..and dat’s the way love should be and not bcos of her beauty cos beauty won’t be same forever.


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