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‘If Your Husband Beats You, Wait Till He’s Asleep, Tie Him Up & Beat Him Too’ –Nollywood Actress



Ex-Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama is going contrary to the biblical doctrine that states that a woman or man should not divorce their partners on any ground except adultery, even if that person is an abusive union.

She wrote on her social media handle:

So today on d train I get to talk with this nice lady. She’s been through so much in her bad marriage. Somehow d police gets involved and she’s removed from that unsafe environment especially as children are involved. D issue now is one of d many Pastors whom she used to run to for help and prayers now tell her That” If she decides to end d abusive marry, D Bible says she is not allowed to remarry???. Ok so if that’s what d bible says then she suggests that what she would have done was after he beats her, she would have waited for him to sleep then she should have tied him up and beaten him up too or done worse to him?
So I ask Did D Bible truly say one should stay In an Abusive marriage riddled with lies, cheating and adultery??? Did d bible or d People that wrote d bible not get a revelation on that? Is it fair??? If that’s d case then I would probably agree on an eye for an eye. Since its not biblically? Religiously or Christianly to leave? Then when d man hits, wait and endure till he kills you then he will be forgiven or wait till he’s probably asleep then strike. Abi?????. ?????? #live #love #learn
Have a blessed Day Dearie sssss???

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  1. Okay i think you’re right! But you have to try it first, then if you’re’ succeeded in doing that, Let us know.

    • M sure she must hav done and xperiencd it b4 coming open and saying it loud 4 the public.

  2. now that most guy/husbands have read this…..guess what will happen next….yea….that’s right he’ll beat u then not sleep in the house or till when ever you get over it……lol just being sarcastic…..see the look on you face….now gimme ma like

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  4. Tho beating a wife is prohibited in all religions but if it happened I don’t advice a wife to retaliate.men love ur wfs pls

  5. How is it even possible to tie him in the first place? If u touch the leg won’t he wake up? Abeg o! Dats one way ticket back to ur papa house

  6. Try it. After beating him up, he will wait till morning, call family meeting on your head and ask you to go back to your mama for some proper training.


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