Ice Prince Prostrates Before M.I on Stage | Photo


King of Rap, Chocolate City Front runner and exec, M.I, who amidst stories of him quitting rap, released a chart topping single, king james, hasn’t hidden the fact that he brought Ice Prince to the game even using it as a verse in the King James song — ‘and i brought Ice-in like i’m baking a cake’ (dammmn)

In one of their recent stage performance, Ice Prince showed respect to M.I, prostrating before the whole crowd. HUMILITY + RESPECT.


  1. U be weyrey…. Which ice-in…. U jst find sum shit 2 say….. Wat chuld he say oo… Dat he brought bakin powder in lyk he’s bakin a cake or he brought j.jagz in lyk he’s makin a milk


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