Entertainment News Celebrity Gist I Haven’t Found The Right Man Yet- Genevieve Nnaji

I Haven’t Found The Right Man Yet- Genevieve Nnaji


I Haven't Found The Right Man Yet- Genevieve Nnaji

In a recent interview with Punch, Genevieve Nnaji told the newspaper that she’s still searching for the right man.

According to her, “I haven’t found the right man yet. When he comes, I’ll get married,”

On why it has taken her a long time to join the growing ranks of new generation movie producers in Nigeria, the actress said, “I chose to be an actress. Acting was what I had always wanted to do. I don’t think that I ever imagined myself producing a film. I love acting. If the Nigerian movie industry was as stable as it should be, I probably would have been on the set of a movie every day of my life and not be bothered about what goes on behind the camera. So it is a matter of choice and preference.”



  1. Is it that she haven’t found a man yet or a suitor have nt come. Na you go find man abi na man go find you?

  2. Is not strange because everyone has a freedom to or not to marry. Time for her will come although most of us we think negatively about the actors and actresses

  3. Yes I believe her why because some of us always think that getting marriage to Actor or an actress it could be a mistake for them sometime but for me I look forward or dream of getting married to an actress. Honestly I want to marry an actress pls u. Guys should help me tell her that all my life I have been in love with her I love Every thing about Genevieve.


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