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‘I feel like a sperm donor’ – Man seeks for advise



'I feel like a sperm donor' - Man seeks for adviseRelationship expert, Joro Olumofin has shared an email he received from a fan who is complaining about his wife addiction to s*x toys. According to the man, his wife prefer to use dildo for pleasuring herself than to sleep with him.

Read below;

I feel like a sperm donor. Hello Joro. More shoe. I’m a fan here in UK. My wife has 5 different types of dildos. I was lenient before now. She is an addict. She will be waiting for me to go out so she can masturbate. I know it. She will play Usher, drink wine then masturbate. When she’s ovulating she will climb on top of me.

I feel used like a sperm donor. I feel used. I have spoken to her but she’s an addict. She has different dildo. How do I compete with a battery robot joro? I feel used, When I try to blow her mind on bed.

She will not even move, she only wants head. How do I benefit from head? I don’t cum. What can I do to get a normal marriage relationship out of her? I am getting tired. This marriage is over. I can feel it.

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