News I Don’t Care About What Obasanjo Says About Me- Atiku

I Don’t Care About What Obasanjo Says About Me- Atiku


I Don't Care About What Obasanjo Says About Me- AtikuFormer President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar told Punch that he doesn’t care about what Olusegun Obasanjo says about him.

Read excerpt from the interview below:

Your former boss, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, said so many not-too-complimentary things about you in his latest book, ‘My Watch’. Have you both met since then?

“You know, really, I don’t give a damn (about) what Obasanjo says about me.”

When asked about if former President Obasanjo scuttled the best chance he ever had to lead this country as president, Atiku replied saying “I don’t think so. How? When?”

On Obasanjo scuttling his political career

As far as I am concerned, Obasanjo may believe that he scuttled my presidential ambition, but I believe it is about God. If God says I will be president, I will be president; if He says I will not be president, I will not be president. Let’s forget about Obasanjo.

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On contesting for president again

It is quite too early for such a question. We are in a transition process. We have not even formed the next government. You are asking me whether I will like to run again or not. I think it is just too early. My concern is to make sure that the transition process is smooth and complete and a new government is formed because it is the party that I belong to that is coming in. My dream for Nigeria is always that we can, from time to time, change government so that there can be competition among parties and that competition will bring about, perhaps more development and progress in the country. I think that is my most important concern now rather than thinking of whether I’m going to run again or not.

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On meeting President Goodluck Jonathan before the general elections

I have told Nigerians what transpired between the two of us. He wanted me to come back to the PDP and I said I was not coming back.



  1. That’s the SPIRIT Atiku, Obj must talk and I believe is high time we stop taking him seriously because he’s part of the rot in Nigeria presently. Attitudinal CHANGE is all that is needed for a greater Nigeria. God Bless our dear Country.


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