Viral News Husband catches Wife Cheating With Best Man In the Toilet At Wedding...

Husband catches Wife Cheating With Best Man In the Toilet At Wedding Reception


Bizarre things are happening nowadays.
A twitter user shared this story of how a lady was caught cheating (by her husband) on her husband at their wedding reception.

Read his tweets below. 



  1. Now this what I call serious GOBE!!!….O boy na die ooh!!….That will be the shortest marriage that was a hit back to back!!

  2. It can’t be true… Some people are just possessed with the spirit cheat inserted on anus

  3. This is when ur village people say u will only get married at the age of 35 and u decides to disobey.. shortest marriage ever liveth..

  4. If actually this is a true story And for this to happen on their wedding day simply means it has been happening behind the man when he was actually dating the lady ,,,,and Satan has indeed wanted to pay the lady back by allowing such to happen on her day…… What a mess….it’s now left for the groom to make his choice of whether to continue with the marriage or not But I know no sensible man will condone that

  5. Some ladies are not ready for marriage, they are ready for wedding, if na me be the man I go lock them for toilet go call the girl parent come may they see their daughter oooo

  6. But can that be real… Leave your man on stage n go fu***k by best man on occasion daylight… All re betrayal

  7. May be d best man sabi do pass her husband. but if na me ennhhh na cutlass I go use for him body

  8. This is not a curse but rather the highest form of disrespect, pretense and cheating. If your not happy with anyone please for the love of God leave and continue your cheating ways single. The bestman is also a bastard and for God sake girls love wedding and think of it all their lives and for her to CHEAT on her day means she has been doing it for long. The guy should go and sow seed to God for saving him from marrying a CHEAT.. God help us from cheaters.!!

  9. ds world we live in now is full of unsatisfied people…..cos for a lady marriage is a big deal den why do dat if marriage is a big deal….#no smoke witout fire


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