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‘How My Boyfriend Dumped Me Despite Supporting Him in 419 Activities’ – Lady Writes to Daddy Freeze


Daddy Freeze has shared the story of a heartbroken lady who was dumped by her lover despite assisting him in fraudulent activities.

Read below;

Good day sir,

Please hide my identity. I have been in a relationship with an igbo man for 5years and not Nigerian and I love this man to death. Before meeting him I had a son in my previous relationship and my mother decided to take care of him while I put my life together.

I have been with this man through thick and thin abortions, he has beaten me, cheated on me hidden my passport but I never left. We do 419 so I work for him. But when there is money he would leave me at home go out party drink

And come back the following day I would keep quiet because if I talk he would say I have anger issues. So recently he told me he is looking for a woman to give him his first child because he is the first son. So I have a child already I can’t be the mother of his child.

Am devastated because in about 2 months he is leaving me with just 800 dollars to my name but we made money together. I went against my family to be with this man see where I am right now. I still love this man despite of

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Everything he put me through am 27 and I am scared of being single and broke I have nothing all he does is flirt with girls on IG send messages to them meanwhile I cry myself to sleep or drink and take sleeping pills.I rarely eat I don’t know if I will even ever get over this man Am begging you sir to please advise me

I never ask this man for anything I work for what I want sir OK I would get angry sometimes but I couldn’t take it anymore I have been beaten unconscious a few days after my abortion he left me in the house I bled out because I fear what people will say if I leave.

I was sick one day and sleeping he woke me up and told me tell your mother to find you a place where you can die not in my house. I don’t have friends he locks me in house when he is leaving. I look after my family out of my pocket

I don’t beg this man but this is what I get for being loyal and faithful to this man. All I ask is God to have mercy on me so that I can go through all of this.

Am going to delete this message I hope you are.

  1. Maybe the guy didn’t love you but u were forcing urself into him. Eyah, sorry girl. Support him wen u geniunely know he loves you

  2. Why won’t he dump you when you are used to 419. So you want to come and go and do him 419 love abi. My brother abeg run four fourty ooo, that lady her eye no good

  3. U are allso a 419 u don’t have shame at all ad u have ur pig mouth to talk, sorry u are u are a disgrace to womamhold

  4. Don’t forget dat wat goes around comes around, Make peace with God nd mend ur ways, put ur self together nd start all over.. He only used U to acquire his wealth.

  5. I just want to point out to every one that, that’s not the picture of the lady in question coz no fraudster will dump a girl that hot…am just sayin.

  6. He Dumped U?..Y R U Telling Me Lah..Make Ah Go Beg Am?..Am Sowie U Re Doomed..Dnt Wori Cme 2 Me Lets Do D 419 Biz 2geda..At Least U Na Baba 4 D Game..Inbox Me Via My Numba..08041941949

  7. He didn’t loves at d first place…. Dumping is easy u kw. Carryon my own b say no kill yhur self oooo

  8. You did not caution him you suported him. Weep no more the stone wey you throw go front na him you waka meet so.

  9. U are doin 419 wit sum1 nd u call him ur bf, now he has dump u, wot do u expect sef? U shld knw he cant get married 2 a 419 lyk him. My sister he only use u 2 aquire his Aim. Pack urselv 2geda nd ask 4 God mercy over ur lyf. Dats men 4 u(ladies make una dey reason b4 doin tinz Abeg)