News “How I set a trap for my wife & caught her cheating...

“How I set a trap for my wife & caught her cheating with a secret lover” – Policeman


naija-1An Agege Customary Court yesterday dissolved the 12-year-old marriage between a policeman, Patrick Idoko and his wife, Udoka, for infidelity, lack of love and trust.

Idoko, 40, from Benue State, who lives in Shomoye Street, Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos described his wife as troublesome and uncaring.

He went to court to dissolve the marriage on grounds of infidelity, lack of love and care for hims and the four children of the union.

His marriage, he said, was crisis-free until two years ago when he suspected Udoka was having extra-marital affairs.

“l set a trap for her and she fell for it on Jan. 12 and since then, my wife refused to come home.

“Due to her shameful act, she left me and I have been taking care of the children.”

The petitioner said he secretly installed a memory card on the new phone he bought for her to record her conversations.

“The playback of the phone revealed the secret conversations between the respondent and her secret lover.”

In her response, Udoka, denied all the allegations made against her and pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage, attributing her travails to rumour mongers in their neighbourhood.

The petitioner had earlier accepted to take the woman back on the condition that she subjected herself to some “spiritual cleansing”.

The respondent agreed to the terms, but refused to follow the husband to the village for the cleansing.

Dissolving the union, the President of the court, Mr Philip Williams, said: “The relationship between the couple has broken down completely and the respondent shows she is no more interested in the marriage.”

He asked both parties to go their separate ways and warned them to desist from blackmailing and harassing each other.

The president warned the respondent not to go to the petitioner’s residence, work place or his church to cause trouble and directed that the marriage dissolution certificate should be sent to Udoka to inform her about the development.

  1. When you encourage her to go sleep out by setting a guy to get her and she falls for ur trap… U come here gapping ur foul mouth…. Whose fault do you think this was…? Urs MAD MAN

  2. U set her up, she falls for it. Then u come on social media to tell us how happy u are that ur wife cheated, Ur family bears the shame… “Common sense is not common”……

  3. For your mind you set trap.. If you were d one caught cheating it won’t b on social media… THUNDER FIRE U!!!

  4. It seems to me that you have been looking for a way to get out of the marriage. you now want her to follow you to your village for juju cleansing or to kill her finally. cant believe you can come to social media to celebrate this nonsense. I think you need to grow up. it appears to me that you never loved her and that you have been looking for a way to give a dog a bad name to kill it.

  5. Ur stupidity makes u proud, so what if she’s cheating it should be between u 2, and u came online posting dis. to be a celeb or d most worthless man in d universe

  6. Bullshit, anyway this is an illiterate act, because if you really love your partner you can never think of setting him or her up, arrogant is really not good

    • Why did he go as far as recording her conversations? If he knew that the marriage was’nt working anymore he should have walked away rather than disgracing her. If he had played his role as a spouse all this would’nt have arisen. Its not in a woman’s character to cheat especially if she is fulfilled and happy in the marriage.

    • I don’t get… “if he knew that the marriage wasn’t working?”…and whose fault was that? As far as recording goes, for me that’s gathering evidence. You are blaming him for her actions… Definitely not fair…plus you dont know what her definition of fulfillment is… Let’s be fair… Are you saying its in a man’s character to cheat?

    • So basically, you are saying if a woman cheats, her husband is the cause, and if a man cheats, he is hard wired to do so…. Wow!

  7. If a wife cheats…. It’s because her husband is irresponsible . If the husband cheats… It’s because he is irresponsible. When will she take responsibility for her actions?

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