Viral News Honestly? Will You Take This $1m Monthly Job?

Honestly? Will You Take This $1m Monthly Job?


Honestly? Will You Take This $1m Monthly Job?A Nigerian twitter user has taken to social media to ask some ‘critical’ questions.

In one of them, he asked what you would do if you were given an option of taking a job with a salary of $1m monthly and giving up the numerous Nigerian delicacies.

He asked some really interesting questions too.

Read the 3 questions and give us your thoughts in the comment section.

See screenshots of the other questions below?

Honestly? Will You Take This $1m Monthly Job?


  1. this one na jamb question but i go answer am what is delicacies without money? i don’t need a native doctors advice, that job i must take am

  2. Yes o…me wey no first like food before….water,drinks nd snacks don do o….Naija food can wait till I retire

  3. I dey observe… When u never step out of naija u ll say u re OK with d condition… My fellow Nigerians… Our food na best in d world…. I swear…. U ll hardly adapt to any other food cus u grow up with dia our local food… I swear if u eat amala n gbegiri iya Michael(wedding party) u ll understand me

  4. Mittwww..and how will u eat all the Nigerian delicacies without money..

  5. Lol… before nko?? I will work one year.. start up my own business and go back eating my food.

  6. Nigerians …but seriously.who 9ja food help if no cash to eat it,. I’m ready to sacrifice


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