Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Here’s Why I’m Still single at 45- Actress Ayo Adesanya

Here’s Why I’m Still single at 45- Actress Ayo Adesanya


Here's Why I'm Still single at 45- Actress Ayo AdesanyaNollywood actress Ayo Adesanya told Saturday Beats in a recent interview the reason why she’s still single at 45.

According to Ayo, she said she’s yet to find the right man even though she’s not searching. The actress also said men who wants her are just after her body.

In her words:

“I cannot say I am not open to love because I have not seen it all and I believe that the best is yet to come. When it comes to love, if I get struck by cupid, I would follow what my heart desires. I can fall in love but I am not searching. I get a lot of advances from men and it is even worse now with social media as people can easily reach you. All they need to do is to call you on Facebook. I will not lie, it is very crazy.

“A lot of people do not have genuine intentions. As a person, sometimes the pressure is so much that it would make you wonder what the clamour is all about.

I believe that when something is good and nice, people would want to be a part of it. I may look sweet and sexy but I am ‘old school’ when it comes to dating. I look before I leap. I know where I am coming from and I have learnt a lot. I know my onions and when men approach me for a date, I know how I handle them; I have a defence mechanism for them,”

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  1. i advice u put on that embergo of low self esteem dont think because u ave money i man we want to marry u.no man we want to put himself under ur control,because of influence,wealth,position.jesus told a man i the bible if u want to follow me forsake all ur thing and carry ur cross and follow me.SISTER I PRAY GOD MAKE U UNDASTAND WHAT AM SAYING AND I PRAY THE MAN AFTER GOD HEARTH LOCATE U

  2. The truth is…. U ar being clouded by ur illusion of many thoughts abt ur prestige, how u are and what they just want. I have seen very, I mean overdose sexy bodies get married and are happy, with no doubts… If u think u v nt found the right match… U don’t lack wisdom nt at all.. U lack apathy… Wait till u become menopause… If u have kids already… I shud say u ar safe buh if u dnt… Ma Binu!!!

  3. neva loose hope u surely find d one whom u will luv nd u will u as well wit God all thing re possible

  4. Pls be patients till tym God is come and wait 4 ur own right husband I pray God will give u right person of ur own choice

  5. I sometimes wonder what our lecturers teaches in schools??? When at this stage and age in our lives,some matured people still can not express their selves. Yet they are quick to comment on a post of a fellow human. A celeb at that……..smh Ayo, taking time is okay following your story but also remember that a woman has time limits. Building a home is better than occupying one(youknowwhatimean) No man nor woman is perfect for marriage let’s learn to be patient. If the eyes are patient enough they will see the Nose. May God give you strength wisdom and understanding to do the right thing. All the best my love.


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