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Herbalist Shares Video Of Himself Making Juju For ‘Yahoo’ Boy



Herbalist Shares Video Of Him Making Juju For ‘yahoo’ Boy, Calls Out PastorA Nigerian herbalist, Chi Marine Templewho made the headlines last year, shared a video of himself making charm for an internet fraudster(Yahoo boy).

Chi Marine Temple claims Africans lost their wealth to the white, and it is time for the internet fraudsters to bring it out.

He shared the video on his Facebook page and wrote;

If you like call your grandfather all.I know I did not kill any body or use human being as any rituals hatter’s you can post nonsense about me but soon you all we pay with your blood because I don’t do evil or kill any one students use laptop not only Yahoo boys and what ever you call it all I know I am a spiritualist nothing about it I do my job but not evil work, Ask well I am the chief priest of my village Oracle so I am free to pray for any one looking for good thing ok, mind you Oracle does not accept bad thing

He added;

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Is this so called efulefu pastor that is paying those fools to spoil my name but soon his head will join the ancestors because I refused to do what he ask me to do I am not a ritualist pastor keep off I am a spiritualist I don’t kill people for power and I will not do anything that will hot someone by doing evil work against any man or man life, for does fool that accept the rumors may the gods take your joy out from you and bring it to my temple because I am unstoppable to any man if this work I am doing is not from the gods of my land may I not prosper from it but if its what belongs to our family linage may the gods bless me more than what I have today.

See the video below;

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