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Help! My Son Just Caught Me Making Out With Our Cook – Married Woman Cries Out


A married woman has cried out for some help from her misery after she was caught in the act making out his cook.

The woman shared her story on break_or_makeup where she explained to stunned readers what happened to her.
According to her, she was making out with her cook when she was caught in the act by her own son. Needless to say, this development has left her really apprehensive.
She revealed that after she was caught in the act, she reached out to her son and he confessed that he had been watching them unnoticed for a long time before they spotted him.
Now she is trying hard to get him to keep quiet.

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  1. 7yrs is a grown up boy it’s beta you apologies to him &promised him it will Neva happen again…B straight to him.

  2. It’s good that you are blank. Just remain blank. Act like a complete nonentity that you are right now. With time answers will start flowing. But pack your load and await further unfolding events

  3. Hahhaha buy him a lot of toys take him 2 places he likes tell him dat if he tells daddy dat daddy will beat him.

  4. Conversation between I n my woman Her : I’m Sorry I cheated on you Me:It’s OK. I did something worse. Her: What Me: I trusted on you… To d woman who need advice Did you consult me before you start dis… And am sure d guy av spoilt d place…. You av useless your husband in d presence of d guy Truly I believe its woman dat can say this d true father of dis child God should just bless we men with fearing wife This one weak me reach liver

  5. Though she has committed already, but if the husband has the love for her, I think he will forgive her thank God it’s the son that saw the act he must have mercy on her mum having in mind that an outright escalation might lead to mockery

  6. like seriously i don’t even know what to say.at all.because you are a disgrace to womanhood.madam a 7year old boy is not a small boy.so before you even cook up a story for him.he already know what is going on.so go and sort yourself out.and stop disturbing us.afterall we were not there when the cook was busy pounding you.Abeg i just dey waka pass.i don dey go

  7. A young child will always talk now or later… You better confess to your husband….

  8. Ife afulu ana ako!… Am not judging you, but sometimes we need to be responsible for at least for the sake of our children, I don’t know what propelled you into doing IT wit ur house help but anything at all, why don’t u discuss it with ur hubby? If he get small cucumber, or he be 5sec vegetable indomie man, u need to help him, … Na person marry you keep for huz o, no be idiot! … Now I wonder what you will teach ur children when dey start sleeping with tom,dick and harry… I don’t know what to advice but retrace your steps

  9. Did you seek our advice before opening your legs for cook?No.so deal with it,but trust me,no matter what you do,that 7year old son of yours will surely tell.not only his dad,but his friends too.may God forgive you!

  10. Madame to be honest with you there is absolutely nothing u can do to convince this child otherwise. Children of this jet age.even if he doesn’t mention it to his dad he will mention it to his friends and you know children one might mistakenly spill the beans in front of their parent.woman u need G0d heavily.

  11. Go And Kill him useless woman you get a 7 year old kid and u are doing nonsense you’re a shame to womanhood

  12. This is what i call”Stupidity in d highest level”.I dont give advice on such trend/issues lyk tis but my prayer for u is dat**May God use ur son to exposed u so dat u will learn ur lesson d hard way.Note:Watever dat is hidden,shall be exposed on a very gud day…

  13. Hehe Tell him u re auditioning for a movie role. No! Am joking. U just ruined ur relationship with that little boy one way or the other. And it’s not like he’s a small child dat won’t understand or misinterpret wat he saw, fortunately or unfortunately, children of this generation know and understand everything.

  14. Now u see ur life see where fornication has led u to. U didn’t one day monkey go go market e no go come back

  15. Just tell ur son that there are raw food stuffs inside u that d cook is trying to scoop out with turning stick attached in BTW his legs..nd he needs more energy nd strength to do that ,that was y he climbed you…useless fellow… Best thing is to kill urself or pack out nd leave a note for ur husband……. Mumu,

  16. Just don’t tell your son anything, don’t attempt to bribe him cos that will propel him more. Keep quite and if your husband finds out, just deny it but ensure you relief your cook off his duty hun. And next time if you want to sleep around, sleep wisely bitch!

    • Oh! My God!! What kind of useless advice is this? My dear, where is the place of God in this advice?

    • Read the content of her message before u insult her…the write-up said she shdnt be judged just a suggestion, and she gave her candid advice and stil drop a bombshell which was the bitch she called her which shows she is not in suport of it..so y the insult

    • Some Nigerian pipo are just so silly, they don’t know how to use social media to communicate…she needs suggestion,, she was wrong yes, but needs advice, and all you do is rain abuse…

    • So apart from Egualeonan Scholar, the rest didn’t understand what I meant hun!

    • Pls this woman asked for advice nd not insults, she didn’t say her act was rite and for u people DAT are saints pls check ur self very well before nailing her….uzoamaka made sense in her comment and if u are not OK with her comment pls say urs and don’t insult her

    • I pray that each spouse/bf,gf of every person here saying don’t judge her will receive auction to fuck their neighbors and also ask them for advice on social media and they’d still give advice,,, IJN

    • Hmm English language is difficult. She is not supporting her cheiiiii book is hard oh. Read well and understand.

  17. u dont need advise since u didnt come to us for advice in d first place,dat ur pussy na public toilet if u tell ur hubby na just chase u out foolish woman.

  18. You are not even ashamed you are a disgrace to womanhood, an you are even looking for advice…….. What the he’ll will mk you sleep with ur cook, a girl who is not married doesn’t cheat or rather is afraid to cheat on her boyfrd………. A whole married woman, you even slept with him in ur husband’s hux, you knw what my advice for you is that you should drink poison an die instantly ur son will be the one to tell his dad what he saw……. Useless woman, ude like you.

  19. People of d Same category wit dis bitch re already identified by dier comments on dis posts. By dier speech n posts we no dem. Si guys watchout

  20. Confess your sins to your husband. Only him will determine whether to continue with you or not.

  21. He hasn’t going to tell his father useless things he is going to tell him what he saw even you brain wash him he knows what he saw this is jet age kneel and ask God for forgiveness

  22. You can’t cook for the household and your loving hubby employs a cook and the only way you could appreciate your hubby is by giving your body to the randy cook. Now, your unfaithfulness was discovered by your little boy and you intends to “brain wash” him? Someone should let you know that your shameless se**al escapades witnessed by the infant watching his mom being pummeled by her servant will remain indelible each time he hears the word “cook” and when he comes of age and matured; woman you are in deep trouble. Thinking about harming the young man? Don’t even think about it,you are in enough sh*t already better learn to deal with it.

  23. All this while u were enjoying it u did not talk nw u want advice biko m I d one that advised u to do it? No u did it urself na so fix it

  24. Gistreel we ain’t aware of this but you are indirectly telling us. I believed her husband and relatives will also be aware now. Madam just pack your belongings to the cook’s house maybe both of you would start a restaurent. #rubbish

  25. Wen u wer Doing it Did u kal Us to Come? Ur pikin don open ur nyansh 4 Public be Dat u Beta open up nw, the earlier the beta!

  26. 7years?? him neva knw anytin yet, bt incase him dey act strange tell am say na una new style of cookin fud bdat

  27. Pls keep ur rubbish to ur self mbok…wen u dey do u ask me …keep cooking till it catches fire… FOLLOW KAMCICE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  28. Use needle and trade to sew his mouth and brain so dat he can’t say it or memorize it.

  29. Trying to brain wash your son will make him understand what really happened that day so neglect him. But stop that way of life it never pay good . I also blems you husband who can not satisfy you in bed.

    • When you blame her husband 4 not satisfying her on bed who will you blame 4 not being able to cook b4 a cook was hired?

    • My sister please use Form to stone me please Don’t use stone Some women can be something else

    • my dear Is not about having the ability to satisfy ur wife this things are temptations even if ur husband is very good in bed u till fall back to cheating is in the blood of our women(men also) they want more always want more always seeking for more that’s were it is the problem here is that the power to fight this temptation is what we don’t have

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  31. Shameless woman. Go for couselling and ask for God’s forgiveness. It is necessary you ask the cook to get job elsewhere because as long as he remains in your house the memory of the sexual ecounter you had with hill will always be felt by the young mind.

  32. i dnt knw wot to advice u about.bcos u are a disgrace to womanhood.a child of 7years old is nt infant no matter wot u gave him or did 4 him he we neva 4got wot he saw u doin wit ur cook.thou jst passin by sha

  33. Acts such as dis re very common in many homes, nt limited to women alone, men also av their share of promiscuity with their house help, bt it is unfortunate ur 7yr old child caught u in d act, nothing u say to d boy wil erase d memory cos they watch alot of movies these days that put up romantic acts that gives him d perception of ur romance with d cook, so send d cook away to limit his memory & get a female cook to take his position then keep ur fingers cross dat d worse wil nt happen by being prayerful

  34. its better she apologise to him and promise its never gonna happen. I wonder what marriage is all about these days..

  35. It a big shame for a married woman to do that you enjoyed it so dance to the music playing now.

  36. If she’s married I don’t know what to advice, but if she’s not what’s there. Is the cook not a human being

  37. Friends, We don’t have to be so judgemental please. Advice her and please you don’t have to pass on insult. We all make mistakes, And precisely for the fact that she has confessed her sinned by seeking for advice, Is something….. Leave judgement for God please.

    • Pls I don’t mean to be rude but what confession and to whom did she make it? Is the general public her husband? Or is he reading this post? She’s asking for help to cover up her shameful conduct and u’re saying she should be given advice? Are you even real?

    • I was expecting dis MR. But seriously, am for real Am just following the saying that said that, Judge nobody.

    • Judgement starts from here.let me explain what it means not to be judged. It means if u are a thief don’t judge because when you are caught you will not be shown mercy

  38. Madam, i dont think there is much u would do, rather than talk to ur son and see wat he knows or thinks or undstnds that u were doin wif the cook, u were wrong and so u shld be prepared for the worse, cos if he is just a kid and u ever knw wen he will spill,it depends on hw much control u have over ur kid and not only ur hubby, have u tot of hw he will go saying it outside to his friends. Just sit him down and talk to him, tell him hing will go wrong if dad hears it cos dad wont like it, so no one tells daddy.

  39. u are not a stupid or useless woman i wont say that,This things are temptations is unfortunate many do not have the power to overcome this temp because many of us are like oliver twist we want more Not because ur husband is not good in bed the so called cook could even be boring but there is this mystery behind cheating that has not been discorvered

  40. Please she should confess to her husband and to God whom she has violated His Sacred marital law not some advice to cover up the sin…. Very soon someone will commit murder And ask for advice to hide it ,,, and u’ll still see some nigerians who will still say don’t be judgemental ,,, The thunder dat will fire such people is practicing #missle launching in America

  41. Hmmm u are funny ooo,so u are seeking for the solution of ur secret in social midia even if don’t know what is Facebook I think he must have friends that do Facebook or even if ur pix is not der guess what all the married men that has boy as cook will do when discover this, pls tel ur hubby that the cook put something in the food u eat and it gave access to sleep with you AND E.T.C

  42. Pls she hv to confess to her husband and to God, that the only way to be free frm the guilt of her crime


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