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“Help! I’m a virgin so it’s not STD, my private part is on fire” — Nigerian Lady Cries Out



An unidentified Nigerian lady has written to Relationship Expert, Joro Olumofin and his followers to help her with an ailment around her Private part.

According to the lady, she is a virgin but her private part is on fire, she seriously scratches her private part and it has been discharging a milky substance with an odour.

Read her story below:

My vag-na hurt so bad, I scratch it a lot to the extent that If I use water to wash my vag-na, it hurts me like am putting pepper inside it.

My pants are always stained with milky stuff and have started perceiving bad odour. I have seen doctor pertaining to this before and he prescribed some drugs for me but this issue keeps coming back. NB: I’m a virgin so it’s not STD. Doctors in the house. Please advise

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