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‘Help, my boyfriend cries after sex just after releasing sperm’ – Nigerian lady cries out



A Nigerian lady whose boyfriend cries after sex, just immediately after releasing sperm is worried over the unusual condition and is seeking for help for him.

In a mail, she sent to Relationship blogger and psychologist, Joro Olumofin, the anonymous lady revealed that when she once confronted her boyfriend, he told her he always feels emotional after sex.

According to the worried lady, she later spent a whole night on google research and found out that her man is suffering from an emotional and psychological problem.

Despite the fact, her sister told her it’s because her pu**y game is so strong, she’s still not convinced and does know how to handle the situation anymore.

Read her mail below…

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Xxx

    Jan 23, 2018 at 18:57

    I saw this post on Facebook and I think I could relate to the issue that’s haunting your relationship. Though it might be the exact thing that’s happening but don’t know whether it would help you. It goes like this; when I was in the university, one of my gals was cheating on me with her lecturer but there came a day that I got to know her secret. When she was confessing or telling me about her parol with the lecturer, she told me something similar to the case of your boyfriend. She told me that whenever she’s having sex with the lecturer, everything is usually fine right from the time of penetration to the time of about-to-cum hour. She said it’s whenever the lecturer wants to cum, that’s where problem starts. She said the lecturer usually Make some awful sounds whenever he’s about to cum. The sound is like when someone is in pain. At first, she said she wasn’t making any reasonable thoughts out of it until one particular night that the lecturer did it again and she had to ask him what’s wrong but he said nothing. She too was worried just like you because she liked the lecturer so much and was enjoying the sex with him. So later , after she left school, she worked as a sales representative at gnld and it was that time they lectured them about prostrate cancer. She said prostrate cancer can cause terrible pain to a guy whenever he wants to cum. So maybe you should just try to go medical, maybe you’ll find the answer you seek.

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