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Heavy traffic After Driver Stops His Truck In The Middle Of The Ore-Ijebu Ode road To Pray


So, Apparently, a Truck driver who appears to be a muslim caused a grid-lock at the Ore-Ijebu Ode road to observe some prayers.


He can be seen in the above photo kneeling on a mat, praying, while people watched and took photos.

Not only was he doing the right thing at the wrong time, but was also being selfish and inconsiderate. A lot of things could have gone wrong during the traffic he caused.

After the photo surfaced online, Nigerians on social media have commented on the matter.

the4cbaronesscountess Said: “What nonsense?!! The man is just looking for trouble. And he knows that nobody would touch him, because his ‘brothers’ would come for them. Silly human.”

stiga4: “Jesus christ…when did this madness reach to this extent? This kind of thing has never been heard in the history of this nation all of a suden, a bastardize human being decided to show his bush-life power just becos a radical Muslim is in power….any way, they know the part of this delapidated country this nonesense will be happening in….lackadaisical fools”

aronky_shaya: “I am a muslim, and I am all for praying at the right time and living peacefully with brothers and sisters of other religions. Being a little bit considerate would have earned him more blessings. He could have parked his truck off the road to allow other cars be on their way. May Allah forgive his sins and accept his prayers and may Allah forgive that which I may have thought or said in error about this matter. Amin. Allah knows best”

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What do you think?

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