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“Guys, 10 Categories Of Ladies You Should Not Deflower If You Won’t Marry Them”


Written By Tosyne2much

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In a nutshell, almost every Nigerian guy wants to be the first person to pop a lady’s cherry as it is a thing of joy and validation of being a real man.

The major concern is that many guys take ladies virginity without without having any intention to date let alone marry them.

Before taking that step, there are categories of ladies you should not disflower nor impregnate if you know you won’t marry them

1. Spiritual Ladies

Some ladies stay away from men just because they have vow to God not to lose their virginity before marriage. When you trick these ladies by promising them undying love just to take their virginity from them, God’s wrath will definitely come upon such a man.

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  1. this is sweet sex is part of relationship too and sometimes sex even makes love to grow stronger so there is nothing bad for that

  2. Spiritual ladies ke? The so called spiritual ladies are just pretenders if not how could they be tricked?

  3. Sex is sweet yes but make sure it doesn’t go against God’s commandments. In every intercourse there’s covenant. Guys think that using ten girls or twenty dose not matter am enjoying myself, yes you’re enjoying yourself but did you know the deep things in it, whether you deflower a Christian or not once you break or have sexual intercourse with someone your already part of the person you too are into covenant. So please guys and lady’s stop jumping from one man/woman to the other, if the girl is coursed you’re equally coursed