General Gunmen Attack Aviation Minister Stella Oduah!

Gunmen Attack Aviation Minister Stella Oduah!


Last Friday in Abuja, gunmen reportedly attacked and fired at a car belonging to the Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah.
Deputy Superintendent of Police, Altine Daniel, speaking for the police, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the incident occurred at about 10pm on Friday, but was only reported to the police on Monday.
Confirming the incident, the minister’s spokesperson, Joe Obi claimed that the shooting took place at Ministers’ Hill in Maitama area of the Federal capital territory, Abuja.  
It was not clear if the vehicle was the Minister’s private car, or an official one, but Ms. Daniel said Ms. Oduah was fortunately not in the vehicle when the incident took place.
According to the police spokesperson, some strange metal objects, which do not look like the conventional bullet, were discovered in the vehicle, and they will be subjected to ballistics examination.
Mrs. Oduah recently stepped into hot water when news broke she authorized the purchase with official funds of two bullet proof cars by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority for her use.
Returning from the United Kingdom on Sunday, President Goodluck Jonathan confirmed that he had received the report of a three-man committee he set up to probe the role of the Minister in it.
Nigerians are calling for the Minister to be prosecuted, but Mr. Jonathan did not say if any action would be taken.
One analyst contacted by SaharaReporters said Friday’s ‘attack’ might have been something stage-managed to attract some sympathy to the Minister.


  1. Greed in high place and preteens, what shall it profit her to get all this and live in fair, were is the integrity? What happen is to attract sympathy that is all Nigerians be wise.


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