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Group Admin Shuts Down Ponzi WhatsApp Group After Over 200 Members Paid 3k Each To Him


A Ponzi WhatsApp group admin identified as Tunde (pseudonym) has caused an outcry from his group members after he allegedly made away with over N600,000 naira from the group.

JTownConnect metro reports that the name of the Ponzi WhatsApp group scheme was Togetherness, where you provide a help (PH) of 3,000 Naira and get help (GH) of 6,000 Naira in just 48 hours.

According to a member of the group, Tunde ran a massive and catchy advert on Facebook where he dropped the WhatsApp group link which enabled him get such number of people in a short while.

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Tunde waited till the group was filled up and was able to convince 200+ members to provide him help with 3,000 Naira each, promising that they would in return double their money in 2days time (48 hours).

2 days later, members were waiting for their money but all they saw was a new number removing all the group members at once.

See screenshots below:



  1. That’s how greedy people can be and I would never get involve with either MMM, Cycler or what do they call it even NNN air even Helping hands whatever

  2. Bless you son “thou art but a wise man” He who cannot hold fast that given to him will lose it, an given to another”

  3. Foolishly Contributed to the greedy pockets of a SCAMMER!!..*Now their eyes don open

  4. People don’t hear words, easy money is wat they want always. Dnt jst feel sorry 4 ’em at all.

  5. They are talking about how a scammer scammed 200 people of 3000 each, and you are here advertising your own on the same post. Do you have brain at all?

  6. Though everything in life is a risk but some risk people take are very stupid risks. I know the said scammer would be someone without even a well organized website. He may just decide to create a group and all those greedy fools would start sending money

  7. I’m Sure You’re 0ne 0f Those That Got Scammed, You & Everyone That Join Him Are & Is Still A Fool, How Can All 0f You Foolishly Go & Pay Money 0n 0ne Man’s Account??? You People Don’t Have Sense, In My Post Did I Say You Should Pay Money To My Account. Idiot

  8. Hmmmm but don’t blame the members too much maybe the contributed that money for something maybe end of the year party


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