Sport Greece Football Team Turns Down World Cup Bonus!

Greece Football Team Turns Down World Cup Bonus!


The Greece 2014 World Cup squad have practically surprised the world after they politely turned down a bonus from their Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, for reaching the knockout phase for the first time in the famous tournament’s history.

Instead, these guys requested that the cash be used to build a brand-spanking new training centre for the national side so that they can continue to provide better results for their country.

A very brief letter signed by all the 23 players, according to,

    “We do not want extra bonus, or money. We only play for Greece and its people. All we want is for you to support our effort to find a land and create a sports center that will house our national team “.

Compare and contrast this to all the teams threatening not to represent their countries well over bonus rows.


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