Entertainment News ”God Should Have Made me a Woman to Punish Men to Sell...

”God Should Have Made me a Woman to Punish Men to Sell their Properties for My ‘Sugargate’ _ Bobrisky


''God Should Have Made me a Woman to Punish Men to Sell their Properties for My 'Sugargate' _ BobriskyBobrisky is at it again, wishing he was a woman and asking some ‘critical’ questions.

The male barbie wished that he was created a woman which would have allowed him to deal with men who would have sold their properties to have a taste of his ‘sugargate’.

The crossdresser also asked how you would have rated him – beauty wise, if you met him for the first time without hearing of his controversial stories.

"When I Say ‘Haters Shove It Up You’re A**e,’ It Is Not A Joke"- Amoshine Crooner, Igwe 2pac

See screenshot of his posts below:

''God Should Have Made me a Woman to Punish Men to Sell their Properties for My 'Sugargate' _ Bobrisky''God Should Have Made me a Woman to Punish Men to Sell their Properties for My 'Sugargate' _ Bobrisky



  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=906894959413474&substory_index=0&id=544919915610982 pls click on dis link on facebook nd like nd comment on her pix dnt forget to mention ur frnds name too tnk u God bless luv yeah

  2. You can still be born again in you second life.it just depend when you want that to be.

  3. Oh so you know you are not a woman Bros repent o while Gods grace is still available..coz if you die in this foolishness satan go even confuse wic part of hell him go put you female syd abi male syd..

  4. U don already convert yourself to woman,why asking this question?make God deliver you.

  5. Na why I dey say dey don use your brain do sacrifices for the gods,,and na why God know create you to be woman be that mumu

  6. Uv made urself a woman na…y d jamb statement…hmmm u who is a product of a leaking condom ..ur mama don waste yansh

    • Lol, thats a bit funny #First Lady Tia, bt its nt everytime that when a guy is havn sex and the Condom leaks and sperms pours in, the woman is likely to get pregnant. Most times women dnt get pregnant my Dear even when the condom gets hot and breaks in the process

  7. And for your mind you be man abi? I don’t even know the category you belong to you are neither a man or a woman.

  8. Bob Bob Bob abeg make we hear word, we don tire for ur matter as e be say t.b Joshua and d rest no fit deliver u, we were made to understand that u are invalid meaning wasted sperm, so Abeg keep shut

  9. He use cream for his ass and waist .start bleaching ..its step by step.. all the transgender did not start at once..we won’t be suprise if tomorrow your name is chance to ciara with boobs and pussy

  10. Abeg borbissky repent 4rom dat ur way of life n give ur life to christ Jesus and av a new life abeg nah beg i dey beg u.

  11. Wetin remain again to be woman,you don bleach your skin so tey you resemble a frozen frog.I thought dey don put this girl on leash?who let the dog’s out ?

  12. Him na full time homo…him be…ur parent gave birth to a male nt knowing na homo them born

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  14. That licking asshole of a man she will never rest I said it before this man should be in kirikiri prison with kemi because he is a waste products Our mothers can no longer buy pampers in peace because of bobrisky Pampers don cost now

  15. The unchangeable God any fish that had swallowed the key to the brain of this Bobyrisky that rendered him senseless may the net of peter bring it out in the name of Jesus… let us pray this prayer with thunder in our mouth

  16. God is a wise one, he didn’t make you a woman and you turned yourself a woman apart from your ‘sex’. Punish men to sell their properties? Lie! You will be giving for free.

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  18. Na artificial breast remain go put am for ur chest,c he head,d day ur mama born u she dey appy say she born person (ozuor)

  19. All these would have been avoided if his parents had used condom. Now we have to keep listening to his trash.

  20. that means you don’t appreciate gender God create you to be.you have been dressing like a woman now.so the best thing is to go and do surgery and remove your penis.go and turn to transgender and stop disturbing us with your rubbish.

  21. God does not make mistake. You bobrisky are Devil’s worst error and in your inner mind I know you are not enjoying this, it’s just that your life went wrong even before it started. stop envying before you wish to become a dog s…m…i…r…c….h…h

  22. Ur statemnt always makes me sick. Suddenly u’ve realized dat there’s God. 2ndly, are u not in2 men? ODE!!!

  23. Bad market dey smell, even if you be woman na with this your look you go carry make men sell their property abi the one wey you go use dey for inside freezer??

  24. Rebellious Children of Mother Nature! If men were God, the Earth would have fallen out of existence a long time ago with the way things are going.

  25. You will end up like Michael Jason’s style at the end of ur life…. It’s not late please change your gender…. Born bastard then u will know that from were u are to eko idumota is another journey of life… Ungrateful being .

  26. When you are been followed from your village to Lagos,this is what you get. Bobo toh risky, I know you’re confused

  27. The time wen dey waste take born you they for use that time take watch cartoon,yeye frog

  28. God save you say no be East or Edo state you dey do all this rubbish. You for Don go see devil for hell since

  29. This is one problem we Nigerians have,u insulting him from today till eternity wnt change him… I jst pray DAT God shld change him

  30. If u have come this far.. Wat is remaining… Just change ur gender, that’s a small thing…. I bet ur parents will disown u wen u do that one… Lol.. Anything for the money right?

  31. Never 2 late And Afteral, U hv already Recreat urself 2 Wman And I don’t no why U are busy Overdere And be Complaining

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  33. Ur dad shud av used a condom on ur Mom b4 ur conception. To save us all ur fucked-up embarrassments

  34. After women are wishing to be man, Bob sorry but you are not woman so just manage the woman man you are.

  35. Why are u still complaining? Are u not a woman? U can still make them sale their properties for ur foolishness. You dnt even hv shàme at all

  36. Shebi you have already changed urself to a woman… *in Falz voice* What’s ur problem again?

  37. This pathetic fool is a disgrace to men.. On behalf of all men, I hereby disown Bobrisky. The ladies can have him…

  38. Now i see the reason why God made you a man… it clear that he doesnt want you to accomplish your selfish desires… keep questioning him one day you will realise you dreaming then you wakeup and know who you are what you were created for

  39. Is never lake, You can still be a woman. I wonder what is so special about you that will make a man sell his properties just to have. Eerrm biko have you voted for Efe today?

  40. If possible people should b screened b4 posting any thing here.senate pls in one of ur stupid bills pass did Bill for us let me now know how dis will b posting nonsense

  41. Bobrisky chaiii, Umu Nne Delilah. Hell fire devil fit reject u oo, repent chaii Umu Nne Delilah

  42. Sister you are not the first person to said that….. Many have said it”, and where they are today????????

  43. Free him ooooo, free country…free mind. God’s best gift to us is ability to choose, lol it is his choice

  44. U are mistake by God creation, I only petty d woman that give birth to u son of , I wonder how ur Anus go be by now very soon magot will start playing around ur Anus don’t worry, mad my foot

  45. I pray for you today,now say I receive,every demon operating tru you would be confused to use pig and leave a body the almighty God had created in his own image Amen.


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