GistReel TV GistReel TV :- Can you have sex on cross-over night? (VIDEO)

GistReel TV :- Can you have sex on cross-over night? (VIDEO)


Many of us attach a bit of sanctity to cross over night. i.e The night of the 31st of December; the night that ushers in the new year.

On that night religions homes would be full to the brim. So we decided to know what extent people would go on that night.

We asked a very simple question… Can you have sex on cross over night?

Well, the answer varied…

Watch video below…


  1. Cross over night when one is expected to gv his/her best gratitude to God for sparing one’s life? Capital NO, it can wait till another day.

  2. What’s the difference? Cross over night,pass over night, sleep over night, come over night, night is night. I am not understanding.

  3. Sex as in fornication abi normal marital sex.. Cuz if it’s fornication it shouldn’t happen at all not only even on cross over night but other days… Then If u guys are married already then why can’t u have sex na even for the whole day

  4. No na, cos if u do, it will b sex sex n sex all d way d following year, common it not right

  5. OMO to b honest… Me I go fuck well well ooo… Sha I go get match to play I go cum SAY bcos of CROSS ova… Abi watin una call am… Tell me… Were God no dey?? Even ontop my bed God dey dere… So 9jerians mak una stop all dis pretnce…fu stop

    • Have you taken note of your life? You have been doing it,how far has it led you? My brother,you are doing things wrong. That should be a time to settle your destiny matter with God.

    • ???OMO cee CEEGNAL… BLACK JESUS… Agagwaonye Uche Vivian or wot eva u r called… Wot do u knew about ma relationship wit ma creator… Cee who is advisin sum1…infat u mak me laff…drinkin panadol on another mans headech… I syt u

    • From your name David,you are born into a Christian home. Have you measured up to your name? We are not meant to be passerby or ordinary in life. We are created to do exploit. Are you doing it? I know it’s not my matter but I want you to be helped. GOD BLESS.

    • Kafayat Titilope… U get mouth infat if to SAY u contest ellection… I SWEAR I go vote 4u… ? ? ?

    • Agagwaonye Uche Vivian… For ur info religion is pure politic… God him self av gat no religion… Am born in2 a xtain home dos Dat qualify ma relationship wit God capital NO… Plsss b real ND stop hidin under d wing of religion.

    • Religion is a way to a God. All you need is a relationship with that God not religion or been religious either. Am real,am me. A Christian not a religious being. Am not here to judge you nor anyone. Huh? Striving for perfection too.

    • Kafayat Titilope that is to show that it is not proper for you to engage yourself in sex that day

    • Sorrƴ oh i just say maƙe i reminɗ u say God no fit ɗeƴ ur ɓeɗ I wonɗer wether him holƴ spirit know ur house street or even ur state not to talƙ of d almighty ɓaba Goɗ


    • Brother rid on sha you no one hear ….Oya do Hehe I be like spirit never make you and that babe hook….. Do eh I support you

    • Divine… ? ? ? ur laff dey mak my laff… Laff??? no fear no shakin morova we dont bliv in SPIRIT story… So chill

  6. A time to pray yourself into a new year. Cross over night is a time to settle matters of 2017 before it unfolds. Instead of you to plead with God for a greater year of good things and breakthrough,na sex u dey do Keep it up.

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  9. SEX Its not FOOD, if a man is more interested in your body than in your intelligence, character and heart such a man is a TIME bomb, he will useless you and move on. When his mate is praying in church for cross over he is busy playing with a woman’s nipples, is that not an He GOAT?

  10. If na for fornication level no because Papa God fit sound him trumpet that night and casala go burst but if na marital level since i get my license hell no i go bang bang well like knockout

  11. Nigerians and their deranged deluded mentality. So its not good to have sex on cross over nyt cos you have to seek God’s face for the new year but good to do so on other days in the new year? Remind me whose face you sought for again? Ok, you have the fear of God on cross over night and then after that the fear of God disappears, what a lost mind! Even the devil is laughing at you…We have become so religious that we’ve completely lost even common sense, if you are gonna have sex on any other day, then you can as well do so on cross over night cos it makes no difference, the same punishment awaits, it’s not about the day or night or time but the sin! Whatever happened to people’s senses? Beautiful stupidity! Who are you deceiving, God? We really need a change of mind. Fornication or pre marital sex is still a sin, whether done before, on or after crossover night.

    • Am with u bros cos u see all this people saying no they just pretending and I dislike pretenders

    • Nice talk cee eche love DAT…same talk my friend told mi cos was having sex during d crossover night…last year and b like as I dey see my calendar same thing wanna happen tomorrow with d same person…. Only baba God go forgive us…..not better than those DAT still HV it after d crossover night,,, so was d exence of all d crying,praying n forgiveness of sin,,,who u dey deceive WHO U EPP

  12. No because it should be end of the year prayer vigil where one pray his or her way into the new year. Don’t drink,dance or waste your time at any ungodly place,rather end the year 2016 on a prayerful note and enter into the New Year with the touch of God that answers by FIRE.

  13. Some people re just here deceiving themselves,whether u have sex on cross over or not for d fact dah u re having sex outside marriage u re still and will always be in d same shoe or category with someone who had sex on cross over night.For ur information there z no big sin and small sin,SIN IS SIN! Thank you

  14. Having sex on cross over night doesn’t mean anything if u are married,is not written in holy book not to have sex in cross over,if u are married nothing stop u to have sex

  15. Hahahahahah crazy people personal,its s o wrong to have sex on that day, when you busy prating for your 2017 what ur business with sex what do u think Survivalita O. Ogbebor Glory Akhayere

  16. Cross over night or Leg over night Abeg singles and youth make una repent for d coming of Our Lord Jesus is at door post. Gba gam

  17. …definitely by God’s grace I’m even going to do it…” Chiwetula Agu”…there must be a mix up somewhere…” Africa o!!!!!!

  18. No, I can’t do such a thing because that particular moment is that time that God accepts people’s last minute prayers so I won’t spoilt it all with such a stupid act. The answer is capital NO. Thank you

  19. Lolz it doesnt mata so as long as ur are marrieɗ to ur sex partner ɓut if not ɗ thunɗer dat will fire u #neɗu AKA #nkechi of #wazobiatv is yet to use it in his comeɗic advice

  20. if one can have sex on a regular day, then i see no reason one cannot on cross-over night which is just anoda day!…

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