Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel Renews Wedding Vows With Wife

Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel Renews Wedding Vows With Wife


Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel Renews Wedding Vows With WifePopular Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has renewed his wedding vows for his wife, Virna.

The event took place at La Palm Royal Hotel in Accra. Ghanaian stars present at the event include Joselyn Dumas, Sherif Omar Captan, Yvonne Nelson, Fred Nuamah and more.

The couple have been together for 10 years.




  1. Haaaa finally! majid will rubbish her wen they get home, cuz he is bad (i mean…. good in SEX plaaaay

  2. I can never get married to this dog caller Majid,,, this one na wedding vows or ashawo vows

    • Sife chick???? When we have darey @alade, cobhams asuquo, soundsultan jux to mention afew,,, No be bad belle its my dignity

    • We av? How sure are u dat dey don’t also womanise?? So y sit nd judge a dude you’ve never seen b4 Nun talking about dignity here

    • Shut up! He can’t even take u as a side chick ?????? U have no dignity but he can defend himself as being an “Actor” girl plz! Sitcho ur one dollar ass down before I make change!

    • FortuneIzugbara i needed to take a good look at u b4 i reply dt insult but after wt av sn i think i shd reserve my comment ….wony3 obiaa?? u see dt??

    • U Shamless Betch,has He Ever Done With U N Embarance U?Pls Take Care In De Way U’re Talking 2 Someone’s Husband ,atleast Respect His Level Of Dignity N Stop Wasting Ur Usless Time. Gud Day

    • @ Abigail mahama,, pls check your use of English before you type or comment;; you cant even spell bitch, embarass, useless. Mtchew. …..sorry for your life,,, OLODO

    • days bt ashawo vows they were married for 10 yes wit kids bt decided 2 remarry dat nce n did x Karl luv n bt fame

  3. Majid, the baddest guy in the movie industry. He no send those girls at all. Thank God! he can even love a woman.

  4. Abiola,why u reactin lik dat,due u tink the rul he play in movie,ar real,dnt mk such statmnt

  5. Abeg dat 1 na correct ashawo vows after all d mumu way him dy do for films mtchewww

  6. If he is a dog then what are you,to err is human and to forgive is devine the woman is not complaining and here you are ,mind your words ,plsss u will also marry so becareful ,will u be happy if someone call ur husband a dog.

  7. Ada, remember that giving her enough sex will makes her to 4get abt her worries….. Ohh, all d same, Happy marry life oga at d middle.

  8. This is so romantic, and some people out there all they could think of is separation.

  9. I can only imagine how many ppl who are commenting read the story. it’s renewal of vows so haters go hang transformer.

  10. When u really love someone, u dnt have to care what people may said about him or her, nd that is LOVE

  11. BREAKIN NEWS.. Nigerian dancer teases star boy WIZKID angrily in the public that attracted the press.. Guys u seriously need to watch ur star boy reaction in the public very annoying, see link below m.youtube.com/watch?v=UlnH9lvsOAg&itct=CIgBEKQwIhMIj8qxopaFxwIVkbF-Ch1vaglPMgljNC1mZWVkLXVaGFVDbWJkTHpOYmhpM0V3MXFXYmNJRFdNZw%3D%3D&client=mv-google&hl=en-GB&gl=NG

  12. More blissful years darling, congrats @ Edidiong he is renewing his marriage vows,10 years in marriage @ Abiola he can’t befriend you not to talk of proposing cause he has been happily married for 10 blissful years,wish him more blissful years dear,and please dnt judge him for the roles he plays,he is only doing his job,I know you knew next to nothing about his life outside the screen

  13. Y are sum of us referin to creature of God as dog?dats unfair u dnt jugde him becos of d role he plays in movie becos u dnt knw him in person

  14. Why do some people like to condemn and judge others why their own way are not pure? IS THERE ANY ONE OF US HERE WHO HAVE NOT COMMITTED THE SAME SIN AS Majid…… LET THE PERSON RAISE AND WRITE YES BEFORE GOD N MAN?

  15. when he marry one in d next one week dey will divorce nd he will married another one mtcheeeeeew

  16. Abiola, u wish fr him to propose to bt forget it he wil never b’cos u ar more dat a bitch if he is a dog.soooo dissapointed in a lady who claims she want 2 marry oneday tweeeeeee u wil marry ”the toppest dog in de world”

  17. Abiola is like he have done it with u before and abandoned u for his wife, if not why are u so angry!!!!!

  18. Some ppl are just talking trash. He’s bn married for 10yrs nothing happened to his marriage. Here U are taking Panadol extra for wetin no concern Una. Oya make Una go destroy he’s marriage now. He’s just renewing their marriage vows. Majid my best Ghanaian actor.

  19. Abiola or what ever u call ur self see with ur eyes and pls dont fool,yes bcus u are, is a fact that u are foolling and mine u own topic becus the is a saying that”do unto others as “ye”may love others to do unto u so with allll respect “kip off”obinpeaaa obipee.hw can u call majid.m. A DOG!…majid and friends if u are reading am very very sorry..{0241249975}for what she said i respect u just like my father…

  20. Bt atleast a father nd a husband Majid michel need to stop sometins i do in d name of acting,is he d only only male actor? Others are stil doing movie stuff bt they respect themselve, sha am happy Congrat!!

  21. Come-on guys! So many of you can not even differentiate between reality and a mere movie? Really sad. Congrats dear Majid and wife.

  22. I dnt noe if its de English u can’t read or wat re newal dat is de only wife we all noe so y den is he a dog mind ur words

  23. Wish u guyz the best.may the light of God continue to shine in ur home as you continue to live in love.Congrats

  24. Infact Am Happy 4r De Both,infact De Wife Did Well After All Wat People See N Say About Him But She Still Love And Care 4 Him.I Wish U All De Best In Ur Marriage. Happy, Happy Marriage Once Again

  25. Wow!!! Lovely. It’s very good for a couple to renew dere vow,Am very proud of u both keep d fire burning & God will continue to be Joy in ur home.

  26. Renewing dose’t mean he is having problems wit his wife @chiney ikegbulam, undanstand d English b4 comentin plz

  27. My dear Majid i wish u a lovely anniversary. I dn’t knw y people re killing themselves for wat does not concern dem. D guy is only doing his job nd showing d world d kind of character people have. For d fact dat he act roughly does not mke him d worst person. So pls if u re jealous or he had sex wit u b4 nd dumped u dats bcoz u were jst too loose for him. A word of advice for u all who are discriminating people. Know mind u dat wat goes up must surely cum down, one day people will abuse u too. Draw closer to someone b4 u talk abt dat person so dat u dn’t give wrong judgement to people. Once again HAPI WEDLOCK

  28. Shut ur mouth beefers….Majid is no dog….u dnt judge a book by its cover….b reasonable nw Abiola nd her fellas(beefers)…u only envious admit it….well even tho M.M acts som erotic films….it doesn’t mean Dats his lifestyle….besyds only God shud judge his creation not his creation judging demselsves….learn 2 share in ppls’ happiness….only den wil u ve peace of mind nd Gud names…after all if u dnt lyk him,den y u commenting…. Just mind ur biz….Dis page is 4 wellwishers nd frnds not obsessed beefers nd haters.Majid,nyc job..u 1 of d many few actors keepin dier families whole nd hapi..kudos.

    • Abiola stay dere n say rubbish. A man who proudly renews his marriage wif such a luvly wife is a responsible man. Go n get ur own husband n let’s c hw proud he’ll be 2 introduce u 2 d world. Nonsense.

  29. Abiola jealousy will kill u. Where’s ur own husband? If only u’ll find 1 talkless of being as responsible n luvly as Majid. Sum1 who is proud of d wife deserves respect.


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