Editorials Funny Things Men Go Through In Life

Funny Things Men Go Through In Life


Ladies will always have plenty things to say about womanhood, now read this and see what men go through in life.

1. You work your entire life making money just to get a wife

2. You have to act tough no matter your fears

3. After buying a ring you will need to beg a woman to confirm whether you get married or not

4. You spend millions to make your wedding a success and your wife takes the glory

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5. You work extra hours after marriage.

6. You give money for house keeping + food stuffs and you get to eat only dinner

7. No matter the degree you’ve acquired in education, You lose your worth if you fail to perform in bed

8. You work hard to make properties just to make a will for your wife and children

9. You spend your hard earned money to take your children to school and when they grow up they celebrate mothers’day

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