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Funniest Nigerian Comedians :- The Top 10 Whom Will Make You Laugh The Most



Comedy in Nigeria is becoming more interesting and worthwhile by the day. Comedy concerts now attract a great crowd of VIP’s as well as ordinary people whenever it is held anywhere in the country.

As it gets more rewarding and funnier, people are becoming more willing to make comedy their career or to part with their money in order to enjoy comedy shows.

This would never have come to be if not for the relentless efforts of some of our country men who refused to give up on what they love doing and who believed they could do it in the best way.

We are going to release to you the wave-making set of comedians in Nigeria whom you have no option than to reel in laughter whenever they take up the microphone.


Funniest Nigerian Comedians

Afamefuna Clinton Igwemba, popularly known as Klint da Drunk, is a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Without being told, you can guess his style of comedy from his stage name, ‘Klint Da Drunk’. Klint is one of the most silly comedians who mixes his comedy with music – he is fond of bursting into one song or the other which on most occasions he just came up with there and then.

So many Nigerians already hold the opinion that Klint is one of the funniest comedians the country has ever had. He said he drew his inspiration of making jokes by mimicking a certain Mr. Mojo, a drunk that was in his village while he was growing up.

He once said in an interview that he is drunk only on stage and one of his reasons is to make drunks see how silly they are when drunk. Hear him:

“Actually, the reason for this act is to teach people how silly they look and behave when they are drunk. I am only trying to make people understand that if they must drink, they have to drink responsibly. I am a mockery of a drunken man. I am not praising it; rather, I am making a mockery of it…I can sip a glass or bottle of bear for the whole night and allow you to get drunk; then, I learn what to do in my next show from you.”

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