General Full Details About The Baby Born With Rosary

Full Details About The Baby Born With Rosary [MUST READ]


 ‘I tried unsuccessfully to abort the pregnancy…after the father left ’
Father: I didn’t divorce her, I only left the house after a minor argument
The astounding news that a baby girl was born with a rosary, or what is known in Islam as Tesbah, shook the ancient town of Bida in Bida local council area of Niger State, to its foundations, Sunday, last week. The rosary, which was first removed before the baby’s placenta came out, was afterwards festooned to her neck.

The birth had attracted mammoth crowd to the home of a rather perplexed mother of the baby.
And for the local photographers in the area, it was an opportunity to make brisk business, selling the pictures of the less than a day-old baby to members of the public in front of the house, at N100 per copy.
The Bida incident, curiously, broke a few months after it was reported that a baby was born in Lagos, clutching the Holy Quran, a scenario that also drew crowd.
When our correspondent visited the Bida residence of the rosary bearing-baby, a day after she was born, it was an herculean task gaining access into the compound already jam-packed with sturging crowd that sought to catch glimpses of the mystery baby.
Eventually, gaining entry into the compound, Sunday Mirror met Kadijat Issa, the 28 years old mother of the miraculous child, who looked happy. Seated, she was sandwiched between members of her family, away from the miracle child who was locked up in a room, shielded from the anxious crowd of onlookers, many who were poised to take photo shots of the baby with their mobile phones and cameras
Kadijat, the mum, had moved to her brother’s house in the Kutaworo area of Bida as her husband left her shortly after she became pregnant. She said she was happy because she had wanted a female child having had two boys already. Her brother’s house at Kutaworo area of Bida, not far from Alhaji Muhammadu Bello Mansabas’ residence, the man with over 90 wives all living in his home.
She recalled how she almost tried to abort the pregnancy because her husband left the marriage over some minor misunderstanding, the month she discovered she had taken in. She said but for providence, the foetus would have been aborted.
Narrating her story that morning, Kadijat, a fashion designer alongside her husband, Zubairu Issa, who both hail from Babaloma in Kwara State, has not had rest, neither had the child, after delivery. This is because of the hundreds of people that had been besieging the house to see the mystery child from the time she arrived home from the clinic where she was delivered the child.
She recalled that she suffered some ‘sharp pains’ two days to delivery, attributing it to the ‘rosary in the neck of the baby in my womb. She said there was nothing unusual during the pregnancy, until the pangs of labour took her to a local midwife around the area that delivered her of the baby. “To my greatest shock, when my baby arrived, she came with a tesbah.”
She said she noticed she was pregnant the month her husband left her over some unresolved disagreement and decided to terminate it by taking injections and drugs.
She said this was because her husband, Mallam Zubairu Issa, had left her and their two other children and she was finding hard to care for them. But, after all efforts failed to abort the foetus, she was forced to rest her faith in God to see her through. Kadijat said she could not even afford to go to the hospital for ante-natal care throughout the period, until the labour started.
Even when the pangs of labour came, she preferred to remain at home and have the baby. But it was her family that forced her to go to the home of a retired midwife, Mallam Abubakar Baiwa Shasha, who delivered her of the baby. “I am just a nominal Muslim, but God chooses to bless me with this miraculous baby. I was shocked, when I saw the Tesbah that came out black and later turned white after we cleaned it.
“I hardly pray, but with the delivery of this baby, I believe, God is calling me to pray more.” She said she never knew what manner of child she was carrying and had never experienced any difficulties, except for some occasional sharp pains on the right side of her stomach two months to her delivery of the baby. Speaking also, the father of the child, Mallam Zubairu Issa, 30 years, said, “I am still shocked that my baby was born with a tesbah.
I can’t believe that this can happen to me. In all my life, I have only heard of such occurrence, but have never seen it physically.” He said he was happy, when the news came to him that his wife had given birth and that the child was delivered with a prayer tesbah. He also denied walking out on the marriage, saying he goes home daily to check on his family members at Eshata area of Bida where they reside.
Asked whether the birth of the baby will help reconcile them, Issah, replied, ‘’The birth of the baby will not be the basis to bring us back together because I never left my marriage, I only left the house over a small misunderstanding, I did not divorce my wife
He, however, called on government to assist them financially to enable him properly care for his family, as the money they both make from their occupation as fashion designers is not enough to carter for the needs of his growing family.
Issah also explained that the miracle baby was taken to the Etsu Nupe palace, where the Emir, Alhaji Yayaha Abubakar, prayed for the baby, the whole family and advised them to live in peace and bring up their children according to the tenets of Islam.
Abubakar Baiwa Shasha, a 65-year-old retired health worker in the state that took delivery of the baby, in an interview, said Kadijat was brought to him at 12.30pm on Sunday in labour with complaint of waist and abdominal pains that were all signs of labour.
When he conducted a check, he noticed that the child was about to come. He explained that within 30 minutes of her arrival, she was delivered of her child, saying that it was at the point of delivery that he saw the tesbah drop and was followed by the foetus, few minutes later.
“Before the child came out, the Tesbah was the first. It was black, and immersed in blood and after showing it to the woman, I washed it and soon, it turned white. The surprise in all this is that there was no blood stain on the baby as with other deliveries I conducted in my 36 years of taking delivery. She came out clean as if she was washed clean before delivery.
I then called the family members and presented the child to them and faced the mother, who had no problem at all.” On his reaction when he saw the mystery, Shasha said, “ I was not confused, neither surprised. It is my job, I was not afraid. She is a normal child like any other child. All I can say is, it is the work of God and I praise Him for it.”
When the parents alongside the child visited, Alhaji Bello Mansaba that day, after praying for the child, he told the crowd that gathered that what happened, “is just the mysteries and wonders of Allah (God) that nothing is impossible for Him and to show that Islam is the way.”
He also said people should expect more of these signs as prove of God’s wonders, while urging Christians and Muslims to live in peace with one another for the growth and development of the nation. Corroborating Mansaba, Sheik Alhassan Wasagi, a popular Islamic scholar in the state, said the birth of the baby showed that God is able to do what He wants and to prove that nothing is beyond Him.
“God wants to prove to us Muslims that certain things are possible with Him. We have seen Him use trees, fish, stones with Arabic inscriptions on these things to prove He is God. Even in Lagos, we heard recently that a woman delivered a child with the Holy Quran.
These all go to show the authenticity of Islam as a religion.” However, the Chief Medical Director of the Minna General Hospital, Dr. Ibrahm Kolo, viewed the scenario differently. He said medically, there are no scientific explanations as to how a woman would deliver a baby with a rosary; hence explanation to such occurrence is better handled by the spiritualists, traditional and herbal practitioners.
Dr. Kolo stated that something close to that may occur among woman when the Intral Uterine Contraceptive Device, IUCT used for family planning fails, and the woman becomes pregnant, thereby forcing both the baby and the device to live together in the womb, until the time of delivery.
He added, “ That way, the baby will live and grow with the device in the mothers’ womb and when it is about to be delivered, the child may grap the device and both will come out together, but even then, such cases are very rare. However, by and large, nothing is impossible with God.”


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