Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Formal Education is Over Rated and Obsolete- Dencia

Formal Education is Over Rated and Obsolete- Dencia


Formal Education is Over Rated and Obsolete- DenciaControversial singer, Dencia took to Instagram to inform her fans that she’s a college dropout and formal education is over rated.

Dencia showed off her money and bragged about using one of the best cars in the world.

Read what she wrote below.

“The truth they don’t teach u !!! Stay in school kids but be smart don’t end up with loans you can’t pay that will end up ruining your credit .I remember paying $12000 back in march on some bs they told me was financial aid .I went to college but I didn’t graduate ( I didn’t need graduation cuz I got what I went there for) & I still take classes but here’s how I did it, each semester I took a course that I knew will eventually affect my day to day life like music,dance,business,business laws etc I took interest in courses that I know I really need because at the end of the day unless you are studying medicine, law or a licensed profession your degree is almost worthless (in my case) So when picking your major be very smart.

Education is a life long thing & has nothing to do with a piece of paper. Formal education is over rated and obsolete. Shout out to #google #udemy etc Hey not all Drop Outs make it Tho ..Again be smart (book & street) and for everyone who says they need money cuz they’re students,tap into your natural talent,I did hair, made clothes & shoes for the $ when I was in school. Get some sense & don’t be one of the ignorant internet trolls (this is my experience,read carefully & make sure you comprehend what I am saying not what you want it to be,don’t misquote me)”




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