News Forget It, I’m Not Going Back To PDP- Bukola Saraki

Forget It, I’m Not Going Back To PDP- Bukola Saraki


Forget It, I'm Not Going Back To PDP- Bukola SarakiSenate President, Bukola Saraki who teamed up with PDP to cop the Senate seat said he won’t be going back to PDP and that he’s committed and will remain loyal to APC.

According to Saraki, “It is just cheap blackmail by political adversaries who want to call a dog a bad name in order to hang it. And those making such desperate allegations should remember that I willingly left the PDP on matters of principles when the party was in power. Is it now that the party is out of government and in opposition that I will now return having worked so hard for my party in the last general elections.”

Bukola urged all members of the National Assembly to put politicking behind them and settle down for proper business of legislating.

“Our country is going through very trying times. We have the challenge of insecurity in the North East. The massive problem of youth unemployment and general economic challenges occasioned by the falling oil prices in the international market and the consequential fall in revenue.

“All these are coming against the huge public expectation that propelled our party into office. We have pursued our legitimate aspirations appropriately. Now that the issues have been settled, we need to move on in the larger interest of our people, without whose mandate we would not have been in a position to aspire to these positions in the first place.” he added.

Saraki stated his readiness to embrace every member of the Senate regardless of his or her political party in the house.



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