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Footballer Jermain Defoe Cuddles Terminally Sick Pal Bradley Lowry as They Say Farewell



Critically ill six-year-old Bradley Lowery was visited by his football idol after his family organized a party for him even as his condition keeps on declining.

The little one made a request to hold a social gathering with his cousins and friends, before Jermaine Defoe made a trip to give his young fan farewell cuddles.

His family posted photos of the party to Facebook with the sportsman cuddling Bradley as he slept off.

The party comes days after his family uncovered the child’s health was quickly deteriorating as he was struggling to breathe with plunging oxygen levels.

His family say they believe Bradley needed to see his friends and family as a way of saying his farewell. In June Bradley was told he had just “weeks” to live.

Speaking to MailOnline, Jermain Defoe said he planned to spend ‘as much time as possible’ with Bradley, following the news his health was worsening.

After confirming his move to Bournemouth, the sportsman said:

‘Away from football the relationship I’ve managed to develop with Bradley and what I’ve brought to his life and what he’s brought to mine has been really special,’ he added.

‘It’s just been sad to see him go through what he has been and he’s only six. But I still feel blessed that I’m able to be in his life.

‘I’ve got so many great memories and moments that I have shared with him that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life now. So I’m just grateful for that.’

Defoe admitted that he ‘didn’t really know what to say’ when he heard the news that Bradley only just weeks left to live.

‘Every day I wake up and I will text his mum and ask how he is getting on and she will say he’s OK. But the reality is that he’s really struggling,’ he added.

‘All I can do is try and be there for him and the family. When I finish with England I’ll try and get up there again before I go away.

‘I want to try and spend as much time with him as possible.’

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