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Floyd Mayweather Beats Conor McGregor in 10th round TKO



Undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather has extended his unbeaten run to 50-0 as he trounced his opponent Conor McGregor in the 10th round.

Floyd Mayweather showed that he is the real champion as he emerged winner in the 10th round of one of the richest fights in boxing history.

The Tmobile arena in Las Vegas was the most watched spot as it saw the former five-weight world champion face flurries of early punches from UFC’s most iconic figure.

McGregor, who was making a professional boxing debut, delivered a crisp uppercut in round one and seemed to consciously exaggerate his movement at times.

The American, who came out of retirement for a potential $300m (£230m) pay day, executed a gameplan which pounced on McGregor’s lack of conditioning for the late rounds which prove so key on big fight nights.

Mc Gregor angered Mayweather with persistent punching to the back of his head and the champion’s response was to become notably more spiteful with his loaded punches.

The underdog’s early punch volume won rounds but Mayweather’s progress through the gears, albeit slow, closed the deficit by the seventh, when he jolted his foe with a counter right.

The ninth round would take the boxing novice past the 25 minutes he faces in a UFC bout, and fatigue became undeniable. With his opponent’s weakening legs, Mayweather upped his punching ferocity.

And in the 10th, the tired McGregor showed that he was near the ropes, offered little counter-attacked, bringing an end to one of the most talked about fights.

At the end of the 10th round, a screaming McGregor seemed to announce he has more left.

Referee Robert Byrd’s stoppage may have arrived too early for some, as McGregor’s early effort meant he was in the contest on the scorecards.

But the 29-year-old’s effort and display should be commended and Mayweather’s poise and invincibility remains constant into retirement.

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