Entertainment News Again! Fans Drag Oge Okoye for Posting Fake Gucci Bag On Instagram

Again! Fans Drag Oge Okoye for Posting Fake Gucci Bag On Instagram


Again! Fans Drag Oge Okoye for Posting Fake Gucci Bag On Instagram

Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye took to her Instagram page to show off her newest luxury collection.

The actress stepped out a this Gucci XL leather tote bag which costs $2,490 according to Gucci’s official website.

Few minutes after the post, fans jumped her page and called her out for posting fake bag. Someone of them even demanded that she posts the receipt of the N780k bag.

This comes after Oge posted photos of former US beauty queen Kenya Moore’s dogs.

Till date, the actress has not addressed the raging issue which caused her to be a subject of public ridicule.

See screenshot of the posts below:




  1. Oge will not rest again?, dog theft now fake Gucci bag.Hmmmm if I were her I will just kill myself, thank God is not me

  2. What’s their business?most of the guyz wey dey complain no fit buy the second hand type of that bag ohOge enjoy your money mbok

  3. All this yellow people can fake everything ehhh!!! e.g gifty and oge okoye. but some Nigerian can poke nose ooo!!

  4. You guys should free the babe na, she’s trying to feel among. If she claim one of you guy’s property now the way she claimed someone’s dog, you will still talk.

  5. If she decides to leave a fake life all because of belonging den that is her business , people should learn how to mind their fucking business, I can equally post my OK bag on Instagram claiming is from USA is no ones cup of tea

  6. Please leave her alone na… So cos she’s a celeb she can’t wear Aba made again.. I tire oo

  7. Did she stole it?…no be fake she fake?…waiting come be una own?……biya !….make una take time ooooh…….

  8. I love Oge Okoye for one thing. She is giving you all silence that really hurts. Keep disturbing yourselves with someone else’s lifestyle or what ever she does on social media. Like it’s said. SILENCE is the best answer to fools. Keep wailing while the babe keeps saving each day and living her life.

  9. People should learn how to mind their business, fake or not, she bought it with her money and not yours

  10. U pple should free Oge biko Let her be joor I don too much for una oooo Every time Oge Dis Oge die

  11. The bag may be fake truly to those who know the difference but are you expecting her to throw it away cos to my understanding it may have caused her a fortune as most dealers do sell this things to them on high price…Biko babe live your life

  12. Na Una get d bag,leave her jo make she wear Wetin she lik,price tag or no price tag,as long as it looks good n compliments d person no wahala…….whoever says it’s fake should pls Feel free to order n pay for d original one,and send it to her……..

  13. Shebi na she go buy am. Did she send u? Mk una respect unaselves for Oge mata. Abeg aunty oge if u dey read my comment, I need dat Gucci bag biko

  14. Nonse people or una want Mk she carry 11.2million or her life savings go buy Gucci bag??? She bought Wat she can afford Abeg…

  15. Mbok…she borrow money from una ne? Fake or no fake its her lyf her money n her bag. ..nothing concern una oo….beta stl una fit go hug transformer or climb mango tree if u don’t wana see her.

  16. This is why we will never love one another in Nigeria. …where they dere when she bought it….?….but some pple will just insult her …I tire for naija o….how can dey be peace in Nigeria when everyone is ready to see d bad of others instead of correcting each other…….oh I missed d days of our forefathers when ur child is our child and my child is ur child. …until we learn to ignore irrelevant things. …accept reality correct our mistakes and other things …..then we will enjoy our beloved Nigeria better. …..Nigeria problem is not just political …..but we need to love ourselves we need peace and unity…….just imagine nobody answered her……y shud u even answer her did she buy d bag for anyone. …..issorite.

  17. N780k bag is fake, please give me N2500 lemme get dat same bag in ABA den u will den know wat to call it. My sister bag is bag ooo

  18. Person go jus sidon dey drink para for another person headache…. Abeg make I enter toilet Biko.. I dey purge

  19. Fake or no fake,flaunt your bag jareh. In fact, if I were you,I will be dealing with fake products henceforth. It seems like fake products attract peoples attention. Oge go on joor….

  20. Whether na fake or no fake who e concern? I believe all these na jealousy….people are too nosy to be honest. That gbeboro abi gbefila wey dey talk, which one she get? I’m sure hers will be ABA made sef..Is it because she is an actress then she doesnt have right to have anything she wants?They will never mind their business…tufiakwa!

  21. haba is not everyone that can afford original na ok now oge if u want post any fake tin just put #fake so dat u nd ur fans go all rest case settle

  22. if fake no dey how una for take know original Oga bought a fake Gucci bag worth 780k how much more me gotten that same bag for 2,500 in Aba how una go called my mine una no go find something doing and stopped looking into other peoples business

  23. He’s not fake Pls!! All those slay queens who rob peter To pay Paul re de ones who re fake. I luv u Ma..

  24. Enemies of progress, he e take concern una ??????????????bag NA her own,with her phone she posted it,hw does that affect the public?????? Abeg make ups leave her jare

  25. Nigerians sabi Gossip, taken para for another person’s headache. Bad belly people go buy ur own and post oooooooooooooo.

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  27. Lol! wetin concern akara wit shawarma? I jst de view d Gucci bag wit my spiritual eyes 2 confirm if na fake or origina…jst a minute pls.

  28. Some people can’t just mind their business in life….asfar it’s bag and the name is gucci…so what’s the big deal with that

  29. Make una live my name sake alone oooooo…..After Buhari is hale and hearty but breeze carry am while stepping down from plane on his arrival from London…. He is still dying in silence

  30. I used to love her, When they said she stole a dog’s pics, I still loved her, Now it’s fake Gucci bag, I’m still loving her. I don’t know why, Nothing will change my love for her except she behaves like bobrisky.

  31. Nigerians get wahala sha….if she no get moni to buy original bag make she go thief am.

  32. To be celebrity self na wahala ehun…. even if I carry aboki bag or potmanto na who dey see me? na wah oh….

  33. Wetin concern una? She’s only living within her means, una no see how the country dey? Haba! If the thing dey pepper una, then buy the original one for her, after all we’re advised to patronize made in Nigerian goods, you guys should applaud her for being patriotic

  34. Whether she posted fake, cheap or even the original Gucci hand bag how is that your concern? A lot of us uses fake things why is the celebs own coursing alarm? Abeg make una free them e no concern you people. Buy your fakes and post. How many of you wears designers clothes, shoes, slippers and so on? If you see her eat “abacha” you will say it’s not a designers “abacha” and you will start calling her names. Go buy your own borrow pose people

  35. Did she say the bag was worth 780k, even if she did is it your business, Nigerians need to learn to leave people alone and all the blogs and medias, stories Don finish for una, now na instagram and Facebook comment una dey use as source.

  36. How many of una don carry original designer? Cant you just leave her to live her life the way she want to… Bag na bag…you better go fix the problems in your own lives NIGERIANS!! I bend yansh for you.

  37. So just simply because she’s famous she can’t buy something simple with less value.. Naija stop gossiping

  38. Rubbish pon rubbish, they are her critics not her fans then Those jobless people who have made it their duty to look for loopholes in whatever a person does should also make theirs obvious #kissmyass


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