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Eyewitness Calls Out Korra Obidi For ‘Lying Against Policeman



Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi who claimed to have been slapped by a police officer, when she attempted recording a video of the policeman sitting on her bonnet has been accused of lying.

She wrote on Instagram;

“Phone smashed and physically assaulted by a police officer OLORUNISOLA ISMAIL on Etim Nyang Victoria island, who gained access into my car gave me a dirty slap and grabbed my wrist and my phone. Smashes my phone and keeps shouting. This was after I attempted to record him sitting on my Bonnet. I forgot I was in Lagos, not America. But is it not our right? am still dizzy from the slap chai
#lagos”However an eyewitness who claimed she was present when the incident occurred, accused Korra Obidi of not staying in her lane because of the traffic jam. @Hotsucreee also alleged that the policeman never assaulted Korra Obidi. Here’s what she wrote below;

Girl you are completely wrong. I witnessed this and I got you out of this mess today . You weren’t in your lane and there was a lot of traffic. You were going to make the traffic get worse and they asked you to reverse back but you blatantly refused now you blame it on them . COME ON . You were the only girl in the midst of over 30 men I wonder how you would have survived it if I didn’t intervene.

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Being stubborn never solves a problem. @drjustindean tell your queen to choose her battles . She started the fight despite the fact that she was wrong . She was in a wrong lane and they asked her to get back to her lane and she refused

@tiwasavage she was in the wrong lane and they asked her to reverse and she refused . You don’t fight when you are wrong . In the midst of over 30 men they all wanted to beat her up . I had to stand up for her and begged them to leave her that she would delete the pictures she took.. No body laid fingers on her, I witnessed the incident, let’s say the truth

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