Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Exposed! Funke Akindele Lied About 39 Years Age Claims!

Exposed! Funke Akindele Lied About 39 Years Age Claims!


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Two days ago, Funke Akindele took to Instagram to dispel reports that she clocked 40 on Aug. 24. She told her fans that she’s fabulously 39 and counting. However, naija social media users seems to have carried the actress’ age matter on their head like metal bucket filled with water.

Funke who got married to boyfriend JJC Skillz at a private ceremony in London this week – is now enmeshed in an age controversy after conflicting reports emerged about her real age. The actress celebrated her birthday lowkey along with her musician lover and his family.

While she claims she’s 39, conflicting information on her Wikipedia page suggests she’s 40-years-old. According to the public online biography, the actress was born Akindele Olufunke Ayotunde on August 24, 1976 in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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However, in a different twist, a Nollywood producer who wishes to remain anonymous, told Expressng that the actress is about 44-years-old.

As at when she starred in I Need To Know, Funke’s age was already more than the teenage character which she portrayed. She is not 39 or 40 as she claims, she is 44 years old. I have been around for quite a while to know this for sure. Age falsification and reduction is a trend in Nollywood and indeed every sector of the society, this is not the first time it is coming up,” the filmmaker said.

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Explaining why entertainers tend to lie about their age, brand expert, Ikechukwu Orji said that corporate organizations are more disposed to associating with celebrities who are younger due to their youth segment appeal.

In the corporate sector, we prefer to work more with celebrities with youth appeal and age plays a factor in this,” Orji said.



  1. If she is 100 nd she told d society she is 50 how is dat anyone’s business or can’t ppl have there freedom of speech anymore.besides her reason for dat must be best known to her so y are ppl peeping on somebody’s else’s personal affair.i fear una o

  2. But she is getting beautiful each new day,,,,because she takes care of herself,,,,,, age is just a no.

  3. Yes? and so? even politicians lied of their age. Learn to mind your business pls, you posters.

  4. I don’t even knw why some idiot pple use to take panadol fr another person headach, how does that concerns GistReel amebo una no get wrk to do is’t nt better go hav u cool sleep fools even if shes 1000 years old nd said she’s 20 unko? Why her matter d piched una body na? haba.

  5. we all know you are older than 40,but hey…who cares…most people love u for who u are not how old u are. Enjoy your 39,40,55 yrs.just enjoy.

  6. Abeg leave her alone re u her mom?or you wan use am cook soup ni?leave people’s lives alone. Haba!

  7. Anyway she is a star, Such question use to come across them. Nothing new about that.

  8. Make una rest, how many Nigerian tell thier real age, wen kanu nwankwo said he was 40years una no shout oo. Busy body people

  9. Even if she’s 70years old ain’t my fucking biz….so far she’s doing well …….abegi I no wan hear …catch something beera

  10. If u are not certified with what ever age she his, den take a bike to the next junction and hug a transformer abeeeg hisses……..

  11. Wat is your business wit her age are u her mother even if she said she is 20 years of age how dse dat affect u busy body mind ur business

  12. What’s ur problem? Maybe u are the Mother,pls post serious things nd stop this Aproko u are doing.

  13. So? How e take concern una. Buhari lied about his own and he is the president. So maintain your lane and leave her alone


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