Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Emmanuel Emenike debunks reports that he converted to Islam

Emmanuel Emenike debunks reports that he converted to Islam

Emmanuel Emenike debunks reports that he converted to Islam This comes as a result of the news that went viral over the weekend that two popular African footballers; Emmanuel Emenike and Emmanuel Adebayor converted to Islam.
Emenike was reported to have announced his conversion during a conversation with a coach of his club, Vitor Pereira.
Denying the allegation, the striker insists he’s a staunch catholic but admitted to fasting during the Ramadan month.
 While speaking with African Soccer online, the striker said…
“The report that I am now a Muslim is absolute rubbish and false. I want the source of the news to re-address it. I have no reason to convert to Islam even though I have lots of Muslim friends. Is there any big deal observing fasting during the (Muslim) fasting period?”
“I am very disappointed seeing the news going viral because it is something I told my coach in our conversation when he asked me a question and I never said I have become a Muslim. Fasting is not what everybody should know that you are doing and it’s very sad seeing this in the media.
“I am a Catholic, a strong one for that matter, and I came from Christian home. I don’t discriminate against anybody and I believe we are all equal in the presence of God, so what is the big deal in fasting? Does he know how many time I fast to get closer to God before the fasting periods? It’s really sad because I don’t see it as a big deal.”  
Meanwhile, Emmanuel Adebayor who was also reported to have converted to Islam on Sunday when a video of him taking the Shahada (the Islamic creed declaring belief in the oneness of God and the acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet) in Togo went viral, is yet to deny the allegation. 
*Interview excerpt from African Soccer Online*

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