General Elijah Look-alike Spotted In Kenya Few Days After a “Jesus Look-alike” Was...

Elijah Look-alike Spotted In Kenya Few Days After a “Jesus Look-alike” Was Spotted



Days after “Jesus” was spotted walking barefoot in the streets of Nairobi, and Tom Mboya to be more specific, we are told that another of Bible greats has been seen using the same route.

Prophet Elijah is in kenya!

Panic gripped the city after word started doing rounds on social media a few days back that the Lord was in town, panic because you know how Kenyans are – sinners to the core!

The rumour took a different twist when the photos of a knock-off Jesus appeared in the blogosphere. Here’s some advice Kenyans, before you start making quick conclusions that a Jesus is fake remember what is written in the scriptures, the real one will come like a thief. The knock-off Messiah you’re taking selfies with could just be the real deal!

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Fast forward to a day later, Elijah was also snapped standing at the square near Kencom dressed in old swathes and tie-up leather sandals that are resplendent of biblical times.

Here’s the photo:

15226594_1337292822956231_1595803348_n elijah_nairobi

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  2. Someone juz played a role as Jesus and Elijah now you saying Jesus have you seen Jesus or Elijah before

  3. Hmm…that’s really weired but how do they know it’s Elijah look alike have they seen Elijah and Jesus,before?? ♨♨