General EFCC arrests 3 “YAHOO BOYS” In Ibadan, Oyo State

EFCC arrests 3 “YAHOO BOYS” In Ibadan, Oyo State


Davies Ayomide Rapheal, Adeyemi Adewumi Segun and Oyewole Segun allegedly engage in phony online purchases from designated auction sites. The suspects confessed to have accomplices abroad.
Rapheal, the arrow head of the gang, prowls on the internet particularly on Craigslist, where items ranging from cars and furniture are being displayed for sale. 
His words: “I usually pose like a genuine buyer and engage any seller in a bid to purchase a car.

After the seller had agreed to the terms of purchase, I go online to edit any PayPal receipt online to reflect whatever agreement reached which includes cost of purchase and the accrued percentage for shipping.

Our cohorts abroad, collect the shipping cost which had been added to the cost of the car on the PayPal receipt and send it to either Adeyemi or Oyewole who receives it in Nigeria for us to share.

EFCC replies Twitter user defending fraud in Igbo Language

Raphael, 27, said he had to recruit his co-travelers, Adeyemi and Oyewole into the Syndicate in order to raise money to pursue his dream of becoming a music star, having dropped out of school.

He confessed to have made about N2.5m from the various scams from which he bought a car, Honda Accord (EOD). Adeyemi, 27, stated that he was also into romance scam and had fleeced some unsuspecting victims of their money, the latest being $250 that he got from an Australian.

On his part, Oyewole, 31, confessed that he collects their proceeds through his account domiciled in one of the new generation banks. According to him, his share in the latest ‘deal’ was N247,000 which was 10% of the sum realised.

  1. Mtcheeeww…. EFCC should better goan tackle all this corrupt leaders, they are the cause of all this things•••

  2. What they guys did was against d will of God but to EFCC is corruptible politician finish in d country dat you av time for dis young guys looking for way to survive in life.. If u don’t av job lemme give u names so u can work on.

  3. Chai bad market. Instead of EFCC to go after big criminals that steal boys they will be pursuing

  4. You guys should focus on the big men stealing Nigeria’s funds and causing the recession that has thrown young men into this.

  5. And u guys can’t arrest d real criminals in Nigeria. All this politicians that divert fund for personal use

  6. Make them freestyle the yahoo boys joor.. If any mugu fall no b 4 guys to chop am?… Abi den go provide dem beta job?