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Editorial :- My Oga at The Top: How Nigerians exhibited the #Aluu4 Mentality



I can imagine how you feel. Your table is piled up with work. More work than you can finish. You get up to take a cup of coffee. There’s water but the sugar bowl is empty. What happened to the last two cubes of sugar here?

“I used it” Your colleague blurts and hides his face behind the newspaper.

You stand there and shake your head. When you decide to finally take coffee without sugar, your colleague yells again “You can’t use that water heater. We are on the small gen. No light”

You sink back into your chair and swivel. It’s been a hard day. It’s almost 6pm. You have a lot to do. You work on the Island and stay in Ikorodu. You imagine how the cars will be arranged progressively like pieces of lego on the endless Third Mainland Bridge and the leap years it will take you to get to your house.

You forget the name you are called and the only thing you can mutter is ” I am frustrated”.

We know you are. Everybody is. We all have reasons to be. However, pouring your frustration on a man who has made the mistake of saying “My Oga at The Top” and also forgetting his websites tld that he only mentions “www.myogaatthetop” (I know it’s NSCDC) without the dot coms or dot orgs is unfair.

I understand that you don’t even know how to pay for your rent but picking on another frustrated man’s mistake till you roll on the ground and laugh the scorn out of yourself is preposterous.

I understand that you are bored looking for a sport to liven you up but making endless jokes about a public official’s mess sends the wrong message to the world.

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Making your Oga-at-the-top’s ridicule a spectacle makes you ridiculous as well to the entire world.

Are you kidding me? You trend on Twitter for 3 days and you won the Twiscars Awards for the country with the best use of social media… congratulations! How does that cover the leaking hole on your rusted roofing sheets. How does that donate lanterns to the areas that are in perpetual darkness in your city.

Fellow Nigerians (In Abacha’s Voice) you have not tried and misplaced your priorities. Your corrupt politicians’ evil deeds are not trending on Twitter. The man who eats your tax (if you do pay taxes) is building houses and flying worldwide and that doesn’t trend. #myogaatthetop trends.

You have created ridiculous songs (like you have always done anyway) out of it and made T-Shirts, wouldn’t it be a good idea to shoot a movie and build a casino from MyOgaAtTheTop’s Limited proceeds.

You remind me of the citizens of Aluu community who were looking for a scapegoat and slaughtered four innocent boys. Did it end there? No! We still heard about the jungle justice meted out in Warri. It still happens. We look for scapegoats. Reputations to destroy rather than build. Didn’t you ever suspect that our dilapidated facilities is a reflection of how we think.

We complain about #Allu4 and we have refused to look inwards. The victim of the joke feels bad about it and it doesn’t deserve to be made a national anthem.

What else is there to say? You have won already. Shame on you all.

This piece is copyrighted to 360Nobs

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Helener joseph

    Oct 27, 2013 at 23:10

    So shameful my oga at the top

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