News Dubai Based Nigerian Man Dies Days After Returning To Nigeria

Dubai Based Nigerian Man Dies Days After Returning To Nigeria


Ayinde from Ijebu Igbo, Ogun state who shared the sad news, this Dubai-based Nigerian man died days after returning to Nigeria from Dubai.

Ayinde wrote:

‘This life is fucking cruel why don’t you just stay in dubai and never come home you were happy coming home with a smile on your face now you no more God what as we youth don wrong Ya Allah forgive us opeyemi olabamiji my dubai connect, i was shocked of ur death… I wish you aljanah fidua’.

May his soul rest in peace!

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  1. If he didn’t return, they will say he don’t want “ka aku ruo ulo”, ( his wealth to get to people at home), now he has returned, whether they killed him or he died a natural death, only God knows. RIP bro, may God grant your soul external rest

  2. A very gentle and humble person I ever known, hustle like kilode in Dubai, ,bro Opeyemi, this life is vanity upon vanity, i was so shocked to see this, many years of struggling yet for nothing. Hummm

  3. Why all this returning and die news every where you guys beta remain where u are for now oo so sad RIP

  4. OMG! Opeyemi was a great guy, very humble & respecful. My kids will not take this news well. We met Opeyemi in Dubai. He was a nice person! Rest in peace! Your good work will speak for you!

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  6. I fear sometimes, depending on what he put his hands or who he takes frm. I fear most time because I have seen more than 6 of different guys like that story on line. Paullarge Omo

  7. So i heard the devil isnt in hell again and he doesnt wear black and black with horn and tail,he is around us,he calls us brother,sister,friend,bestie,c ousin,son,daughter,niece,nephew.. May thunder from Nigerian Defence Academy in conjuction wid Unilag destroy any enemy,devil in disguise as a relative or friend..amen R.I.P young man

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  9. Dey don jaaz am dats too painful person wey wan come do big boy 4 him father land after so much hustle


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