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Drug Kingpin Who Had Plastic Surgery to Change His Face, Caught in Brazil



A drug lord Luiz Carlos da Rocha, otherwise known as White Head who had a plastic surgery to change his appearance has been caught at long last in Brazil following over three years of being on the run.

One of South America’s biggest cocaine boss supposedly amassed a personal wealth of $100M.

Under operation spectrum, 150 agents carried out 24 raids and seized luxury worth $10M, planes, farm and other property.

Spectrum refers in Portuguese to the phantom-like nature of a fugitive “who lived discreetly and in the shadows… evading police attempts for almost 30 years”, said police.

The police uncovered that Da Rocha changed his name to Vitor Luiz de Moraes. Authorities mentioned that in the wake of contrasting old photos of da Rocha’s facial attributes with an updated ID picture of de Moraes, they concluded they were the same individual.

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Da Rocha has been sentenced to over 50 years in jail by the federal court. He supposedly headed a network that includes producing cocaine in the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, and distributing it throughout the continent including the US and Europe. Police said cocaine was flown in little planes from production site by means of Venezuelan airspace to remote homesteads in western Brazil, from that point it was sent in secret compartments in adapted lorries to Brazil’s huge urban communities or to be moved to another country. Amid the operation to discover da Rocha, his right-hand man was likewise captured.

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