Art & Humour Drama As Nigerian Guy Gets Birthday Messages From Two Different Girlfriends

Drama As Nigerian Guy Gets Birthday Messages From Two Different Girlfriends


Yesterday was Daniel Wright’s (the gentleman in the photo above) birthday and to show heartfelt love for him, two ladies took to their social media page to wish their boyfriend, who one called the “key to her heart“, a happy birthday.

The context of their message got people talking as every character meant intimacy between each pair and not just a regular birthday message… perhaps, he has more than one girlfriend and the cat is being let out of the bag? Let’s see…

See their messages below:

As the mystery kept buzzing, the latter girlfriend, Sandy, then deleted her own post which sparked ingenuity and she probably might be a faux…

Constance on the other hand, went on further to prove that she’s the main chick of Daniel, as she shared a screenshot of her relationship status with him since 2013… See below:

The gentleman had even before time, declared his love for Constance in a birthday message for her… Below:

Yeah well… we can safely say Constance is the main chick to Daniel… but for real, who is Sandy to him? She has to be something to him to have written such message to him eh?… Let’s leave that to the figment of our imagination, it’s not kuku our love life… *yimu*.

  1. Stupid news..even aboki the get many bebs wats is different from dis 1? is dis an achievement..?

  2. They both are struggling for a guy who is not even married to any of them, i wonder when some ladies will receive sense

  3. Dear too much galfriends is not an achievement so try to boast about something meaningful to your friends tho.

  4. LOL. So two ladies struggling over a guy is now news? Hmm. How will that stop lai Muhammed from lying?

  5. That’s good hbd llnp…. As a man you can marry more than two wife…. Its peaceful fine boy no pimples

  6. its high time girls stop treating a guy as if they are married……look at the other one that said he is the key to her heart..way the key kon day nw.

  7. In situation like this ..I smile ,it’s obvious ….There is congestion some were, Mtn vex enter glo, It’s net work problem, sooner or later on the net work will fall in place and the both will find their root… Mother fucker’s…. As the guy have two girl friends, so the girl’s…. It’s always gamble for some Men, You will hear them talk with pride, Guy na wetin sweet the kill oooo, so be wise less u fall!!!!!