Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Dear Tiwa Savage, I’m Disappointed in You- Freeze of Cool FM

Dear Tiwa Savage, I’m Disappointed in You- Freeze of Cool FM


Dear Tiwa Savage, I'm Disappointed in You- Freeze of Cool FM

Cool FM OAP, Freeze said he’s disappointed in Tiwa Savage over her interview with Azuka of ThisDay.

Freeze wrote,

“Dear Tiwa,

I have nothing but love for you, but after I watched all 45 mins or so of your interview, I am a bit disappointed.
Tiwa, I know it hurts when a relationship breaks down, and those accusations T Billz made were extremely hurtful, nonetheless, I believe you could have employed caution when responding, since according to you, he was unstable and suicidal.

In law, if for instance, you walk in on your man in bed with another woman and you shoot him on the spot, you could get a lighter sentence, if your legal counsel argues provocation. On the flip side, if you walk out of the scene to get a gun and then launch an attack, it’s now considered premeditated.

The fact that you granted a ‘pitch perfect’ interview, with a flawless visual background and superb audio quality, in my opinion looks a bit premeditated.

If you had denied all his accusations and asked to swear on ayelala or amadioha or sango as against the lie detector test, since on no instance has a polygraph ever been used in Nigeria, and if afterwards you had requested for privacy, as you deal with such a sensitive issue, this matter would have been laid to rest. How are you going to tell Nigerians not to talk about issues you ‘used your own hand’ to make public? This could only serve to further delay your healing.

Even though my prayer is for your issues to be resolved and for joy to return to your home, the breakdown of a marriage is not the end of the world, I have been through it and my world did not end. However, do you realize that the interview you gave could lead to the end of TJ’s world? Who is now going to hire, work with, or have any business dealings with an unstable, adulterous, fraudulent, cocaine sniffer who cannot manage money and has his priorities misplaced? Whether you like it or not, that is what the interview has delineated him to be. In furtherance to this, if he was suicidal before, this interview is only going to make him even more suicidal!

I know you both love Jamil so in all this drama, lets be very careful to shield him, as the Internet never forgets and his friends and classmates will always have his father’s tweets along with your interview as points of reference.”



  1. Wot do xpect as teebliz fan! Abeg wen u finish ur attention seeking attitude ., find a place sleep. Ur own kuku dey ur body .

  2. I hate this tunji of a guy………if she were your sister I believe you will personally send teebillz to his early grave so stop accusing her…..Co’s teebillz him self make it public…..so my dearest diva stop crying…..it shall be #well

  3. F*** off freezz or whatever ur name is , tiwa a good and better way not to remain abused


  5. Who is dis one called freeze. We tend to expect others to deal wt issues d way we wuld want like we are their life coach. She is d one wearing d shoe and has been d one having to put up wt all d crap of her husband nt u. Neither were u d one who had to pay his bills and all. She is only human. Let her deal wt d issue her own way. What hypocrite! “dissapointed” indeed.



  8. that is christian marriage how is. take it easy. u ar advised to became a Muslims . take marriage in agility

    • baboon! won’t u shut ur mouth if u don’t know wat to type or use a cell phone u better go back to the stone age abi dem dey work u. do not ever I mean ever to point or accuse a religion b4 u receive the wrath of god that people serve. smh mtcheew

    • I forbid it for ur idol allah to guide me because am already guided by my Lord Jesus christ. So i advice u do d same if not hell is all urs.

    • @efiong Jesus is a servant of our lord, ia no a Lord, how humans bring be a lord? he is woman’s bear. my friend think about it.

    • even in death I will never accept to become a muslim or accept islam as a religion. but mind u wat u say on social media before u will be branded a terrorist. nd if u know d meaning of religion very well u will never speak ill of a religion nd wen u mean dat is how christian marriage is, I have seen so many muslims even having affairs outside still married to their husband nd I know many who call their marriage quit been muslims. so my dear its a matter of mentality not religion. if u are been abused in a relationship take a walk nd do it slowly nd quietly. it should not go to d public

    • So is the Muslims marriage that doesn’t have problems abi, there is no perfect marriage ok, so if you don’t any meaningful thing to say just go to the next post..

    • @jane for ur appearance and interpretation u utterances immoral , according to yuhana chapter 3 Don’t imperial humans either Chris or pagan, if u are good Christian does not doing that. it’s ashem


    • Are you married? If re not, pray to God for a God fearing man. If you are, pray never to be in her situation.

    • Vicks! Tiwa tried,she wont die for a man who called her Mum a witch! She paid his bills,went shoping for him,nd he gat the guts to steal nd cheat her# abt the 45million,if u were in her shoes will u bother to payback a money he neva spent on you,or that u knw natn abt? I knw giving up ix not an option most times,bt Tiwa tried…


  11. My dear tiwa marriage is 4 beta 4 worse dont wash ur dirty linen in public even if he has gone wrong dont go dsame way wit him

    • This is my month exactly. If Teebillz acted crazy,Tiwa should have calmed down to act like a Sane person! Only God can intervene but all these were uncalled for!

    • Keep mute and get all the blame? Don’t think so. Only those who have experienced a similar situation could understand what she’s going through

    • marriage isnt a do or die thing…..so one should die under the umbrella of marriage. life isnt dat way…the worst thing that can happen to any woman is getting married to someone who does not have the fear of God. i rest my case

    • So she shld have kept quiet and people will be blaming her for nothing, my dear teeblillz or what ever he called himself started the dirty linen in public first, pls you people shld let her she has gone through a lot cos I have been there…

    • Keep calm and read well, she has been enduring lyk u said but d Tee billz or whatever took d first step to publicise their flaws. Put urself in her shoes according wat she said in d interview and c if u can endure even up to d level she has. Let’s be real abeg!

  12. pls well i am not codeming you the deed has been done take care, and t freeze you made a great point.

  13. Daddy freeze is only being sentimental jst becos his first wife slept wit anoda man nd teebillz consoled him doesn’t mean u should judge others.

  14. Just Thinking…… TeeBillz accuse his wife TiwaSavage of sleeping with Dr Sid,Don Jazzy and Tuface Don Jazzy: Doro is a cheerfulgiver Dr Sid: Doro knack pass carpenter wey don dey knack before Tiwa: Doro na Tiwa It all makes perfect sense now

    • He accused her bcos he was sleeping wit diff,. women like dog once Tiwa is out to do a show dat will put food on the table for his son, he was a dreamer, h neva chee chumching. EFCC is by his corner.

  15. Freeze am more disappointed in you… words are really cheap… point to note… Tunji is addicted to drugs and he is unstable… there is no limit to a person’s unstableness when he is a person who takes drugs…he can do anything and everything stupid and blame it on the fact that he was unstable… Tunji should be alone in a rehab for now…for everybody’s safety…

  16. Odi egwu,since Billz got his accusations public why won’t Tiwa?…If Tiwa remained silent afterall, do u think her silence wouldn’t be interpreted as being guilty of the accusations Billz laid on her? Billz went online, Tiwa responded to clear the air as to why Billz accused her of adultery.#thatstheircupoftea

  17. Tiwa anyone who is in your shoes will perfectly understand what you are going through infact i can feel your pain its not easy.God will heal your wound

  18. Well on a lighter note freeze is absolutely right but u can’t blame a woman that has tried to hide the unfortunate act of an ungrateful man.. Opening up i guess was the last option for a woman whose emotions has been mesmerized already.. She had to do what she taught was best for her… Lets just hope things get better for her…. And for the husband, don’t u think its better people know the kind of man they are dealing with so they don’t fall victim of his fraudulent act?..

    • You are right, no one in her shoes can think twice before talking, a woman who has been drained emotionally, hmmmm, I agree with the poster, but tiwa wanted to save her name, so I don’t blame her.

    • Yes, people will say she was right to open up..But she should have the same time think of her son and keep quiet..In situations like this ladies tend to know better..

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  20. What people call marriage these days is agony infact i dont know why people must pretend to be happy in marriage when they r actually suffering

    • Because of family and what people will say, and some women will want to stay because of their kids but when the man kill her is it not another woman that will come and take over but if she run for her life she will still have the chance to be seeing her children…

  21. I know you r somehow devastated right now but im praying for you this evening that God in his favour will heal your broken heart in Jesus name

  22. So because Tiwa has responded she is now bad. But when TJ was talking you didn’t condem him.You asking who will hire Tj after those allegation but have you asked who will hire Tiwa after those accusations? Any man who talks dirty about his family and mother in law is not a man in the eyes of GOD.Let TJ get help and accept he is not okay and needs help. You his friends should help him like Tiwa is still willing to help. My prayers are with you Tiwa and TJ.

  23. Well, irrespective of people’s opinion, you both will bear the brunt, hence, lean not on people’s opinions as they shall go to bed enjoying their sleep while you both go through the trauma and sleeplessness rather, find a middle point and resolve your issue(s). The points that you both raised are not unresolvable as every marriage has their peculiar issues. It when yours is made public that everyone become a saint. Dear Ty, please, take a second thought at the issues. Cheers

  24. Abeg freeze,freeze am there! Haba! Why didn’t T.J weigh the cost before tweeting trash about his wife putting her career on the line .this is Tiwa’s way of dealing with issues so there you have it. Before u know it in Nigeria the blame will be shifted to d woman,that is if she kept quiet..though she granted that interview a little too early

  25. Wetin dis one dey ttalk sef,a man aquis her publicly that Don jazz, 2baba, Dr sid fuck her,so mk she no say her own side of d story#mtchewwww

  26. Freezes, what is wrong with you. Or are you among the people that pushed her husband to write on those nonsense about Tiwa and her mother. Am sure your disappointed now. Leave Tiwa alone!!!

  27. Freeze you can go to hell with your disappointment. So she should keep quiet over a guy who openly accused her mum of witchcraft?A silly excuse of a man who obviously was living permanently on his wife without any visible means of livelihood? Your case is pathetic freeze, the same way u were whipping up sentiments on Saraki a few weeks back. Keep ur disappointment to yourself. Tiwa deserves all the love she can get from reasonable people now not your idiotic tantrums. I’m sure you and Tee billz are 2 of a kind. He wanted to commit suicide when the babe stopped paying bills abi? With 3 other kids fyom other women,by nuw you should know he’s an irresponsible fellow

  28. But freeze is a hypocrite. Saying Tiwa shouldn’t have said those things she said. Wasn’t it him that called his ex wife a violent adulteress on social media? Wasn’t he d one that was showing us pictures of ‘his wounds’ his wife allegedly inflicted on him? When Teebillz was saying his own, he dint think about his own career. Calling his wife a whore and trashing her. People jumped and called her unprintable named.then now that she has responded, the same people are saying that she would have kept quiet and ‘protected’ d man, and endured d tarnishing of her image.even if Tiwa staged her interview, mehn she score 100% in acting and delivery of lines. unlike Teebillz that was announcing his suicide and even directed people to the location of his ‘suicide’. Make Freeze hold him own oo. Everytime people be telling women to keep quiet, pesin go dey die in silence. Ngwanu upon everything nobody is asking what happened to a whooping 45million….in this economy.

  29. It was too much for her to handle all this while, she has a right to open up her feeling there is nothing wrong about that. Many married women keep quiet in their abusive, unhappy relationships to keep their marriage seem like its okkkkk yet their is nothing like that. We women keep things under tables so many times. Atleast she had some guts to open up her feelings.

  30. Common baby milk he can’t afford…the 45million went to his cocaine sniffing habit where else.

  31. And this is the best thing I ‘ve read on the internet since this saga…accept it or not..private issues should be left private. This is their life for christ sake! Y bother the world.

  32. Tiwa.. I took time to listen to the video interview, but what is wrong with you celebrities.. pride, Fan… I believed you knew who TJ was before saying yes to the marriage… Now you are coming on air ..just two years of your marriage to say Nonsense with your mouth… Please take time to read the book of Proverbs 21 vs 1 to the end…meanwhile am not judging you or TJ but you both failed to play your role as regards to your marriage…washing your dirty linen in public is never the best… Never try to be the head of the marriage because it will not work, but you can respect, and handle things with wisdom, treat your hubby like your own baby… It is well

  33. I don’t know if this would get to tiwa savage but here is what i have to say,no matter how hurtful the accusations ur husband made are, as a woman don’t wash ur dirty laundry out for the world to know……all u have to do is to not allow the devil into ur home. Be like the woman in the WAR ROOM movie…..

    • Are u serious? War room movie? There is a reason it a movie Hun.this is reality

    • @ mienever i know it’s just a movie but it’s an inspirational one….. i guess u haven’t watched it.

    • Tiwa is right to come out and answer allegations against her. You just saying what you don’t know. Wait until you marry a fuck boy husband, you’ll think differently.

    • Oyi I think she had to answer to all the allegations… It’s painful waking up every morning to rumours that are sooo wrong. This case has gone beyond washing dirty laundry in the public if you ask me.

  34. Dis is the first tym am gonna see tiwa cry and all u could say is dat u are disappointed in her,better keep ur senseless opinion to urself(freeze)but one thing i know for sure is dat my lovely tiwa will overcome dis and come out strong IJN AMEN

  35. ah live the part where baba freeze stated that the intwrbiew could be an en md to TJ life and carrer…wount be surprised if he commits the suicide later on!

  36. Freeze if u feel dat way about Tiwa’s response den it’s not hard, employ Tj and prove Tiwa wrong… E no hard. When Tj posted his, you didn’t see that not only Tiwa but 2face, Dr Sid and Don Jazzy could get reallt affected by it nao you are posting nonsense… Abeg Freeze there…

  37. Freeze or breeze shut up your wicked mouth. You guys are taking side with the husband. May the same problem happen to you. Why can’t you be disappointed with tbliz.

  38. Tiwa at this time U should be proud of who u are. After listening to ur interview only an insane person can b disappointed in u. U did ur best to build ur home but u are human, we all have our limit of tolerance. B strong cos u are black woman.

  39. Mr freeze smh on u. If shes your sis is that what you will say. If this happened aboard pple like you will support d lady. Sorry for you. TIWA with God you will get through it. Amen

  40. So she should apply caution and keep protecting his sorry broke arse? No .TJ should either get a life or Take his like he planned initially. He’s such an inconsiderate junky imagine him trying to leave the whole responsibilities of taking care of his son to Tiwa by attempting to commit suicide without considering the future emotional trauma the Lil boy will go through. Silly boy he is.

  41. Freeze ur obviously a mad man! Wen u came out to the world to say dat ur wife was beating we were more dan dissapointed in you! Tiwa am proud of you that u could come out and defend ur self honourably….don’t mind what other pple say

  42. Tiwa,they say do not make a decision while you are angry,I believe that’s exactly what you did today.with that emotional display I can see you truly love this guy but the only problem is that u wanted a revenge because of what he said about you.My only advice is that you guys should come back together, we don’t want to hear your family problems ,it’s every where

  43. What! Who is this sef, is he for real? So after she has been accused of infidelity in d media, she should be silent about it. Na wahoo! I too sabi people.

  44. For me I don’t think that everything she said in that video is true. Sorry, I don’t believe all of that. Watching that video, I saw some liars an some truth in that interview.

  45. It’s always wrong for a woman to feed a man from Tiwa’s interview it means she married TJ so how do u expect a man to treat you when u have become the breadwinner, ladies pls take ur tym , if u have money keep it and support the family, than to rather be the man…

    • my dear did she tell u dat she started doing every thing frm inception?,@ Lolli Sweet, once u re into it u dont hv any choice as a woman than to cover up for ur dignity until wen it gets to d brim that people lik TJ can not appreciate n cherish a virtuous woman n a hard working one for dat matter, at dat point , walk out cos he is an animal in form of human being… She has a son for him, tell me how u will not want to build a gud home for ur son, plsssss stop judging wrongly my dear Lolli Sweet.If it happens to u wen u re already there u will want to do wat a man cannot even do just to keep ur home.N i also want to kick against women who lavish their money on men b4 marriage buh i dont think dat was d case with Tiwa, frm d interview, she said TJ worked had for her, which is d more reason Tiwa had to do dat, buh it was rather unfortunate dat TJ lacks manner.

    • @ Helen Etim my point is once u r in a relationship and u keep taking care of a man with your money after marriage there feel relaxed not bother bringing money out of their wallet because that was how u built ur relationship, how can a father not spend a dime on his own son, But all the same i appreciate Tiwa…Ladies beware and stop spending money on men to the extent of shopping for them…when a lady do all this u cheapen urself

  46. Pls Can Som1 Take Tj 2 Yaba Left Side Bcos I Belif His Mentally Disturbed Wit Is Drugs,hw Can A Man Go 2d Xtent Of Spoiling His Legal Wife In Public And Saying Tiwa Is Using His Glory,hummm D Glory Dat Is Nt Usefull 2him Is Nw Dat Sombody Is Using It Abi.Tiwa Dnt Worry Anybody Dat Conderm U Will Surely Be Conderm Ijn,i Pray Dat U’ll Never Go Dwn Again And Evry Curses He Reign Upon U Will Bck Fire Ijn.I Rly Luv U Tiwa Mi.

  47. So she should keep quiet so that she can commit murder it’s better she opens up so there won’t be any gun powder

  48. hope freeze hv watch n listened to TJ’s Post n comment about tiwa… he said nothing about dat… but he is now blaming tiwa concerning her interview… mr. freeze or watever.. leave tiwa alone… wat is all dis… hw can a man treat his wife like dat.. a wife always paying her husband’s debts… moreover a thief

  49. Freeze or freezer or wat is DAT ur name ,I don’t blame u ,I only blame devil, and dat is u, tiwa d lord is ur strength I understand wat u re going through, I pray let dere be peace in ur life and God shld give u strength to overcome d storm dat r surrond ur marriage.

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  51. Please who is this freeze? Male or female? Whatever sex you are, I am deeply disappointed in you. Are u married? Nonsense!

  52. Nothing gud has eva cm outta ds useless fool called freeze. Wn his own x wife wx slapping n beating hm evryday st did u do? ? Abg sharrap n bury ur face in shame u wrist watch freak

    • Imagine!Why didnt he kept quiet when he was being battered by his ex-wife.Do I hear ‘disappointed’..smone people or shld I say africa men shld be disappointed in is claiming holier than thou#nawaoh#smh

  53. After watching all 45min of the interview like just now I realized .tiwas love was greater and wen a woman’s love is greater that a man then there is trouble.why did dey capture where she cried tiwa was strong she didn’t cry tru out d interview. If u watch dis interview u would see that tj used her .according to her he carried women to hotels storing their names with catering services etc , tiwa has been d head of the home in like forever, she said d most touching one was wen she shared pics of herself of her miscarriage with d hubby he was in d hotel busy.d man has pocketed her money he even borrowed 45million sef .the painful part is she is still praying for him and finding a way to pay her depth.can u imagine?? She said she has caught him with cocaine, all her show money he took them .he usually tells like a national anthem ” I made u” I watched tiwa wedding she was looking so happy that day like a woman who is fulfilled. She said she has covered him enough wen I first heard of d news I thought nothing I didn’t knw who to believe pple were insulting tiwa I guess she granted d interview to clear her name it’s worth it .it’s not easy it was a house interview u cnt expect her to go for any interview after all these shocker .tee billz is a ……. the funny thing is that wen we see celebs on screen we think their own nai beta pass unknown to us they go tru d harshest tins in life.weather ur husband is a celeb or not look well choose well.

  54. Looking at tiwa u will mn she is inder stress tj started all d stiff. He called her a witch, a cheat, insilted the poor mother ever her father she better take a walk b4 he kill her bcos all I can see is frustration and jealousy. That was wat break monalisa chidun marriage too, Emotional abuse .such men never love those wonen involve.see omotola husband Stephen husband even mercy johnson men that support there wife.wat a pity all this Yoruba gigolo boys .they are not real men .echh am annoyed and watin freeze dey talk he sjld keep quite or else I will send his wife to spank him loi

  55. My own is that people should stop settling, marriage is not by force, if you can’t find someone to love to the point of tolerating them, check sperm bank for a child or two. Then live your life for your kids. Life is too sweet to be taken for granted abeg.

  56. Some are trying to gain popularity through this. Remove the speck in Ur eyes before u judge people. When they were falling in love u were not there. When Tiwa was advised not to marry TJ u were not there. When they left naija for Dubai to celebrate their matrimony,u were not there. When Tiwa was the breadwinner and Tj the breadloser,u were not there. Now their marriage is breaking (just like many homes of today) u are now there. Please don’t judge them,only pray for them to get healed. Many Nigerians are facing worst than Thiers,its just that they are celebrities.

  57. Freeze or freezer wat ur name is i dont care. Guy make i tell u bcareful how u talk ooo abi if na ur sis dey dis mess na wetin u go talk abi. Nw u r disappointed at tiwa but u weren’t disappointed at tunji. Well am. Not surprised perhaps u do d same tin too. Abeg face ur own oooo

  58. It is always very easy to advice and empathize with someone but it isn’t easy to bear the burden. I could remember when I lost my mom,it was always easy for friends to say “just forget it and forge ahead bro,how long will u cry over this?” But when a friend of mine lost his parent and I tried consoling him he told me to let him be for I won’t understand what he was passing through. And as for Misbahu the Hausa guy who made a silly comment above,sometimes I wonder how Some Hausa people think a times and that makes me cry for independence. #strogertiwaipray

  59. Hhmmm u just want to make women at d receiving end, with all d accusation he has against her freeze didn’t say anything but wen she defended herself dats wen are disappointed in her

  60. She should berry her head in shame, am a feminist but i won’t support bad behavior, any intelligent person that watch that her interview will know her husband is really the victim as against the picture she’s trying to paint, the interview sold her out, you have six month old baby! look at your long artificial nails, does that allow you to carry your own baby and play with him, the answer is no! so who now care for the baby? you couldn’t even give up artificial nail for the sake of your baby is it now your husband you will give it up for just to cook for him? i noticed many things in her interview that really shows she’s truly not a good wife, you said your husband do cocaine and u only new after your wedding, who is she fooling? she said her husband always tells her he doesn’t have money and he will cut his hair twice a week and do his laundry, does that make any sense? how much does it cost a guy to barb his hair, she also said how can she cook for her husband when he will go out and come back the next morning drunk and angry, did she ever care to know why he’s like that, the truth is fame as gotten in to tiwa’s head and she failed to realized that she has an obligation to make her marriage work, did anyone also noticed when the presenter asked if her marriage to Tee was over for good and she’s was so quick to answered yes, she couldn’t even be diplomatic in her answer. look at thesame Omawunmi that her husband said she use to cook home meal for him including Annie idibia, is omawunmi not a star also? but she reduced her appearance in the industry and give more attention to her marriage, why can’t she do thesame? abeg make tiwa just park well, she did that interview to safe her music career and those brands she represent, like Pepsi, Pampers and so on, okay! she said she got pregnant again and lost the pregnancy when she travelled to Jamaica to shoot a video, so what happened to all the antenatal class where they tell you too much stress will do your pregnancy no favor? infact this interview she did was a blunder, I totally agreed with Charles Novia that her mother in the Lord head scarf couldn’t do her any favour not to talk of those nails, if i keep going on with many blunders she made in that interview including her crocodile tears! it would take whole lots of my time.

    • Esther really ur very correct. U really watched the interview video very well an closely. Waoh at least i hav seen an intelligent person here.

  61. Tiwa is only a tree that will hear,that people re planning to cut it and still stand. For the fact, ur husband called ur mum names, he deceive anything he got from u, pls handle things as a wise lady u are.

  62. Why disappointed in her cos she decided to speak out for past 2months nw that the so called hubby has bin chilling in a hotel with women.Yea it hurts her so bad to end her marriage this way but she can’t die trying to protect her marriage and drug addict hubby,she never wanted to open up but the so called hubby brought it to social networks but what do you expect of her not to defend herself or bin the guilty one here? If I were in her shoes I will do more than her.So some people should stop condemning Tiwa ok.Don’t judge others.

  63. Abi dis freeze want sango 2 strike im 4 me ni, its obvious u’r lyk d guy in questn, so u feel tiwa has pave way 4 ur wife 2 share er own 2 abi, egbon freeze, if u nid dis brain, com n colect it

  64. Mr man if u don’t know what to say just go and hide. Ur only be siding ur fellow man and is men like u will treat a woman without respect.. Is good as he’s being exposed. My dear Tiwa ur a strong woman even thou am not in support of social media marriage exposure. But still be strong everything is going to work out well for u to the glory of God.may his will be done in ur relationship.Amen

  65. Don’t mind them pls..Am proud of Tiwa…God gave her the strength to come out clean..we need more Women like her…God bless her!!

  66. Abeg mk I hear word, if ppl wnt to divorce they ‘ll always look for excuses to break their marriage. Plz if i may ask, is any marriage a bed of roses? Plz so as long as no husband or wife is putting knife on ur neck, marriage is worth being patient wit. D solution to any problem is prayer, thtz if really u love ur husband /wife u pray 4 him/her. Abeg all dis celebrities sef, Is carrier evrytin? Cnt they sacrifice 4each othr 4 a better 2maro? Tahhh

  67. We need more women like Tiwa.. Am so proud of you gal..Happiness is what matters!! Plssss TJ abi T who??? Plissss

  68. Dere is more to marriage dan jst been married, DAT is why we pray for God fearing man. Trust me Tiwa husband acted all dat crab. If u truly want to die, why did u av to announce to evry1, dat i want to commit suicide. U shud av drank poison dat mks it faster and easier dan driving down to 3rd mainland bridge. He is jst confused abt life, Tiwa God ll strengthen u more. Men can be so complicated, u ll neva knw dem until u live wit dem. Smh

  69. @Eniola esther u re wrong, tiwa is a musician and she has pple in her house taking care of her child and for her husband food she employed a cook. When her husband was her manager she was the best woman bcos she was his source of income bt wen she sack him she became industry prostitute and now she does not cool for him.The truth is tj shld go get a life.he was always cheating het I kn a particular incident in Nigeria different from the wedding in london whete is also collect money without his wife knowledge..

  70. Freez or freezer must always open his big mouth to talk nonsense. Yeye Man whose Wife beats him and he posts it on social media. Shameless

  71. It’s amusing how his friends are reacting instead of helping him. TJ needs 45million or else EFCC is gonna pick him up. so because Tiwa couldn’t afford that he goes to rant on social media! That’s stupidity.

  72. @ Elly, Abeg which home is she not suppose to allow the devil to enter? There has been no home from the inception.

  73. there are 3 Sides to a story.myside of yhe story, their side of the story and the truth.people who were disappointed in yiwa was comfortable with his side of d story so that tiwa will be tagged a prostitute, destiny snatcher,daughter of a witch, adulterer and tarnished rep.it only a tree that will hear dat it will be cut down and still remains where it is. some people and their thinking sha.because tiwa has be covering up since d days of adam ,he took her for granted and went public and expected business as usual and people like freeze or snow will open mouth and say he is disappointed. let him keep his disappointment to himself and gerrara here! disappointment my ass!!!!!

  74. Let’s pray for her she is a strong woman and God will shower her with the blessing, she spoke her mind and I don’t see harm in it.

  75. Hey mohd or waheva u call ur silly self….could u please shut up that bush u call a mouth and face wah is on ground……

  76. tiwa has tried all her best to protect her marriage but tj finally fuckedup.one he is not appreciative,he greedy,and finally i will say he doesn’t love tiwa nor jamil.kudos to tiwa.

  77. Freeze is just a confused fella. If tiwa was his sister he would have done worse. He’s just an asshole infact if I was tiwa I will not only fire his low life ass I will arrest him for stealing from me. What a lazy bastard

  78. Freeze u are sick and need rest, all of you are so selfish, all you consider is her interview and TJ’s career, no one cares about her reputations. What kind of man could come out to publicly disgrace the wife nd you are blaming her for defending herself. African men are always African men no matter the education. In their world women are nothing.

  79. Abe ooi Mr freeze or na freezer be ur name,u know wat it is here in 9ja bi say wen man bit woman dey see it as a normal thing, but d dat a woman bit a man den it become national problem, Teeblil has been running his mouth all dis days,u Mr freezer u never see anything bad about it, now dat Tiwa says her own part of s story now dat time u,re dissatisfied about it,don’t let me use d word thunder fawer dat ur mouth, in fact God pornish dat man dat saved him 4rm jumping into dat river, a man dat don’t take care of his responsibility is a living coupes,so let him die and go to heal were he belong

  80. Daddy Freeze or mummy Freeze or whatever they call you, I can see you have no common sense, no she shld have kept silent and die In silent as if it was your own sister you will keep silent, tell your lazy friend to go and get a job and be a responsible father..tiwa is well with u

  81. Miss Gabriel the fact is that musican or not. For cooking for a man u call ur husband is compulsory at least ones a week. Yes, very important. For I no very well that there is no way she can stay in the studio 24 hours everyday for that 3 years. Another thing I want u to no is this, u cant be busy everyday an forget ur home. It bad. At least u suppose to bring out some days to check out for the family. An no what, is going on in ur family. Don’t forget is ur family an not for the employee’s.

  82. And why has the police not gone after Tj? They should do some investigating and maybe arresting and if need arises. Some jailing too. For Gods sake we are talking cocaine here.

  83. U pple re here dying over another pples problem nd yet things re too bad in nigeria… Lets talk on our situation now… Leave tiwa nd tee to settle der problem after all when dey started none of us knew, dey didnt even invite us to der wedding talk more of other tinz… Biko sumone should go nd tell buhari dat 5naira has no value again in nigeria

    • Lmao. Lol u re right dear. See me o everything is expensive now they re here talking abt tbills and his stupity.

  84. Pls let them settle their differences amicably, they’re husband /wife. God has joined them together let no man put asunder all they need is prayer, and God intervention for d sake of their son.

  85. My own be say nobody should judge… my own advise to you Tiwa Tope Savage be strong we all face challenges just pray to GOD I believe everything will be ok.

  86. I can never do half of whatTiwa savage did to that fool call himself husband,imagine! let him kill himself jor! I support u for life Tiwa

  87. That man is not good for TY, its a pity, this should serve as a lesson to other celebrities, don’t marry out of desperation oh most guys are wolfs..u see why genevieve is taking her time….

  88. Mr freez my first wish for is I wish u same to ur daughters and sisterdat all she has gone thru shall come upon them then u will know if she is a good and enduring woman or not shikena!!!!!!

  89. It’s not easy Tiwa buh be a strong woman. God is with you nd He knows everything dts happened.

  90. @GistReel Abeegi… That Freeze or Freezer guy is bias jor… Make him go stay put for somewhere.

  91. Its a pity Tiwa got connected to a JIK that has now thoroughly washed-down Men’s personality, Real men don’t go about acting like scooby-doos with ears wide open, waiting for a prey to step on his toes so he can tie On his fighting-wrapper..Who is the Feminine Tiwa, Is it HIM OR HER????

  92. It is very unfortunate what is happening to Tee Blizz and Tiwa. I think it is better not to link it with religion. The best we as a general public can do is to pray for them and not to point accusing fingers at either of them. The mistake has been made and the best thing now for them is to think of how to clear the mess up. This is one of the negative effect of improved technology on human lives and we all have to deal with it. Love, it is said, covers multitude of sins. This is the time to show them love and not the time to blame or counter-blame. Sometimes we allow our emotions to override us. It happens. My advice for Tee Blizz is to realize that God has created him to lead that family and this is time to show the leadership strength. He has to let go and look beyond the emotional pains. He is a man and it does not matter how many times a man falls but how he rises above the situation is what matters. Let both of them realize their error-playing roles in this issue and together surprise the general public. It is time for them to come together as a family and work things out. Nothing is too late. This is forgiveness and the most important thing is for them to go back to the basic. How did it all happen?. Answer to the question will provide an insight to the solution to the problem. This is not our issue to celebrate. It is theirs now and Tee B as a head needs to needs to understand that Tiwa only reacted as a woman. May the good Lord help u both. It does not matter the degree of the damage that may have been done but what matters most is the efforts make to save the situation.


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