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Dealing with the Office Thief



Employment as we know it is hard to come by and when you do, you’d be lucky if it pays what you’re worth.

As human beings with needs, one must make do with what they have, which may involve settling for an assured unfavourable environment as opposed to an uncertain position. An office is a place of business, a place where official and sometimes, unofficial, interactions take place.

The office is filled with different kinds of people, the slay queen, the geek, the one who refuses to use deodorant, the glutton, the borrower, the assistant CEO and then, there’s you. Amidst the cliques and clouts, the regular office is incomplete without the office thief.

The office thief may not necessarily be one person, it might be a group or independent individuals with a narc for taking what belongs to others. Office thieves are neither heard nor seen, therefore, never caught. They can only be managed. They tend to steal the littlest but essential things.

These bandits have a trade mark with which they plague almost every office you know. If you’re not aware of the office thief, think about the earphones that disappeared from the table, the bottle water that walked out of the fridge, the little change in your colleagues’ bag, the pen that never returned and I’m sure you swore you left your Samsung/iPhone charger plugged into the socket beside your desk. If you do not remember the office thief just might be you.

With no care for how others feel, the office thief devises new means to operate, however, many days for the thief and one day for the owner.

Bearing in mind the thief is anonymous, the menace may never be caught, there are ways to checkmate his/her activities by making it harder for him/her to win. Don’t make me say I told you so, these are ways to deal with the office thief.

1. Be Aware and Alert

You cannot solve a problem unless you know it exist. Being aware or recognising the criminal pattern is the first step to take in catching the thief. Being aware there’s in an office thief will create some sort of alertness, reading meaning to actions, prior to now, you would have perceived as normal. Alertness changes your course of action. When the thief realises movements have been noticed and attention is being paid, he/she treads more carefully slowing down the rate at which he/she goes office picking.

2. Security/Hidden Cameras

CCTV is a phenomenon that has saved a lot of lives and situations, but it doesn’t come cheap. For those who can afford it, installing security cameras and making efforts for it to be watched in the office can instil fear in office thieves and deter them from stealing. This is because he/she is now aware the office is being recorded and watched. Also, if you’re hell bent on catching a/the thief, a hidden camera will suffice, the thief would confidently do his/her worst. Consideration must be given to the unrepentant thief. Fully aware cameras are watching, they still steal. When such a person is caught, simply relieve them of their duties.

3. Speak Up

Speaking up publicly is a way to let the thief know you are aware. Sometimes a bit of table shaking does the trick. When you conceal your discomfort, you will remain uncomfortable, nobody can read your mind. If nobody speaks, nothing is being stolen. Letting the culprit know he/she has been noticed will cause reluctance to steal again

4. Set Traps

When all has been said and done but still the bandit carries on, the next option is to play the game, only better. For that person fond of reducing the volume of your water or juice in the fridge, a little dose of sleeping pills will suffice, or white pepper. At least immediate punishment is guaranteed. Other trap elements could consist of glue, tape, ink, which ever way Tom and Jerry inspire you will work.

5. Secure Yourself

Knowing all the activities of an office thief, it’s only sensible you secure yourself, label your belongings boldly with a marker, yes, including your food flask and bottle of water. Abstain from bringing precious belongings to the office. If you do not really need your earphones, leave it in your car or at home. Secure your pen to your desk by any means possible. Tying it is most effective. Put a lock on your cabinets too. Lastly, clear up your work space so you notice the moment something is missing. Like I said, don’t make me say I told you so.

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