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Dark Skinned Beauty talks on cyberbullying.



Nyamal (@princessyich), a South Sudanese dark skinned lady took to her instagram to talk about her ordeal on social media with people trying to shame her because of the color of her skin.

She explains how she constantly receives incredibly hateful comments anytime she posted her pictures on social media from people calling her burnt, ugly and all sorts because her skin color.

She speaks on the importance of spreading love and says if anyone has nothing nice to say about her pictures they should simply scroll past.

She wrote in a post: “The amount of times I’ve been called burnt, ugly and all sorts of mean things under my own pictures is ridiculous.”
“If you don’t like my pictures or have nothing nice to say simply scroll past. I don’t force my pictures on anyone. Stay blessed. Use your time to spread love not hate.”
Nyamal goes on to talk about the time wen she tried to bleach her skin when she was younger because of all the hate she got as a result of her skin color.
She said: “Story behind this pic- When I was 14 I was depressed and really hated my dark skin from a young age I was taught that the lighter your skin the more beautiful you are so me desperately wanting to be viewed as beautiful decided to bleach my skin now this went on for about a year I thought that changing my skin would change how I felt inside but in all reality it didn’t so when I was 15 and a half I decided to stop and started trying to find beauty in myself I decided that as long as I live the only person that really needs to find me beautiful inside and out is me.
“Please do not judge to anyone feeling like they need to change to be beautiful please don’t being you is what makes you beautiful if you ever need someone to talk to I’m only a dm away I know how you feel I’ve gone through it so I won’t judge.”

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