Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Daddy Freeze Slams Bishop Oyedepo

Daddy Freeze Slams Bishop Oyedepo


Yesterday, founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide International aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo was quoted to have said,

“Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now! If Nigeria wakes up, wait for the church to rise. There will be no more nation, what nonsense”.

Now, Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze in his usual manner is clearly not happy with the statement and has blasted the man of God in his latest post on Instagram.

"It has now become an unverified testimony challenge" — Daddy Freeze slams Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘Hallelujah Challenge’

According to Freeze:

‘What a mumu prayer point!
Why do people still take this guy serious?
Isn’t this treason?
If it was Pretty Mike now, they would have arrested him siiiiince

  1. I support daddy freeze on this even though I don’t usually like his way but this one is clear. The prayer point is bad

  2. I thought Daddy freeze is intelligent, but unfortunately he isn’t. Pastor oyedepo said if its the will of God, let it be divided which means he is not praying out of his own will, but he is depending on the will of God, Freeze abeg leave Oyedepo and concentrate on your own ministry

  3. imagine a man of God telling his follower to kill. this religion issue has already split us the only tin we need is prayer. and dts wt we xpect from u pastor oyedepo. an eye for an eye make the world go blind.

  4. Daddy whatsoever you are..Please refuse to make comment on an issue that invoves a man of God..leave everything to God..

  5. Why is it that some pple do not have common sense, or is it lack of understanding that is disturbing some of u, he said, (IF IT IS THE WILL OF GOD), He did not say if it is the will of Man……block heads. And you, daddy freeze…..that name suit u well, bcos if nt that ur brain is froze up, u won’t be saying those trash coming out of that gutter, u called mouth.

  6. Freeze no dey hear English same applicable to all his supporters, leave my dear bishop alone face your career my dear friend.

  7. We all know that freeze is not a fan of Bishop Oyedepo, and as such he cannot see anything good in whatever the Bishop says. But when does it become a treason if a pastor prays that Nigeria should break if it is the will of God. We the Christians who are being killed daily by Fulani herdsmen surely know where the shoe pinches. Freeze does not know our pains and he cannot quantify it because he is not a part of us. We appreciate the Bishop for his holy outburst and concern for his fellow Christians, and my prayer for daddy freeze is for him fall prey into the hands of fulani herdsmen so that he can experience exactly what we feel. Truly if Christians should start taking up arms, then there will be no Nigeria again. Islamic vandals do not have the monopoly of violence.

  8. Hhmmm papa freeze help ur self…… if u don’t have something good to say, u know what to do… clearly u so confused..

  9. Nigerians sha, from most of the comments here, we still have a very very long way to go.All that’s needed now is to start bringing down curses and misfortune on others just add from the beginning IF IT IS THE WILL OF GOD….then I guess its acceptable…Buhari kudos for ruling such a nation. Its not easy.

  10. Who is this bastard call daddy freeze sef I need to lay my eyes on him and teach him some manners block brain

  11. I don’t even no what is this guy called daddy freeze or whatever his name is,you mean the Christians should behave like fools be4 the terrorist wipe them away.

  12. muslims are killing christians and if u ask they will denie tomorrow they will shout one nigeria and u are not happy with christians wich one nigeria if chrstians face u people all of u will die just one day we are keeping quiet because bible did not teach us to fight against each other

  13. Only he whom’s leg is in the shoe knows where it pinches and how painful it is. So, i think the best answer to Freeze or freeza man is silence

  14. i tire for this freezer abi na cupboard they call you. leave Oyedepo alone. don’t start a fight u can’t finish

  15. What is wrong wit this “freeze”? See freeze, wat u see in “canaan land” is wat Nigeria would have been if our oil money had been used judiciously. We have the money to transform this nation completely, but our so called leaders choose to squander it all. And show respect for God pls.

  16. Who is this #freezer? May Gods will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. If it is the Lords will that Nigeria divides, so be it. Amen.

  17. I just wish we have prophet like elijah in our time,ur mouth would have been freezed a long time ago.

  18. So, if it pleases God to split this nation there is nothing Mr. Freezer can freeze. Sir, Daddy Freeze, anyway u find ppl like Bishop David Oyedepo speak just give space cos u r too light to withstand Bulldozer