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‘Daddy Freeze is Possessed by 52 Demons!’ – Pastor Blasts OAP for Criticising Clerics



Daddy Freeze is Possessed by 52 DemonsThe pastor made this statement during an interview with Street TV, asserting that the OAP needs spiritual help and he can offer that service.

This young man use to insult pastors- they call him Daddy Freeze. That fair boy! That boy is not normal! I saw about 52 demons inside him,” the pastor spat, visibly upset. “I can help him!”

This is not the first time a cleric would be upset with Daddy Freeze.

The OAP recently gained more notoriety on social media after launching the movement called #FreeTheSheeple; a movement he says would set Nigerians free from religious shackles. According to the very vocal media guru, religious preachers, especially Christian clerics, have used their platforms to dupe loyal followers through their insistence on paying tithes and giving offerings while diverting same for personal gains.

Following his constant criticism, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo blocked Freeze on social media for criticising him during the recent power bike controversy. However, the OAP also has gained a huge following, including a fan who offered him a piece of land in Anambra State, to take his message to more people.

Now, a cleric thinks Daddy Freeze needs help and we wonder if the OAP will react to this.

Watch the clip:

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