Trending News Couple in Kenya gets stuck after sex (Photos & Video)

Couple in Kenya gets stuck after sex (Photos & Video)


Two months after a similar occurrence happened in Kenya, another married woman and her lover got stuck in bed after her husband had consulted a witch-doctor for a charm.

According to Tuko News, the adulterous couple from Kisii region of Kenya were recently nabbed at a hotel, where they were committing the act.

In the video below, they were carried on the back of a pick-up truck and taken around town where residents could hear them crying in pains.

More photos and the video below…

  1. Haha… Maybe one of them have been cheating on their partner and the partner decided to do something abt it so as to expose them. I have heard of this story many times….

  2. Dat means one av been cheating or both of dem av been using back knife dey chop eachodas yam… Lol