News Corps Member, Valentine Umeh, Dies Few Days to His Birthday In A...

Corps Member, Valentine Umeh, Dies Few Days to His Birthday In A Boat Mishap In Bayelsa State


A corps member under the NYSC scheme died after a boat mishap in Bayelsa State.

The corps member would have been celebrating his birthday today.

May his soul RIP…

A fellow corps member who is struggling with the news wrote a mini tribute to him.





  1. May his soul rest in peace But the way NYSC members are dying this days is quite alarming.. God guide and protect your children from untimely death

  2. This is so sad. May her soul rest in perfect peace. This is to show that the plans of the witches in her village really worked. #just saying

  3. Not good.. So sad… If there are no facilities or equipments that will keep the corpers safe, that means going for NYSC program isnt safe too…. I’m already scared and freaking out bcos I’m almost close to going for NYSC program. This people should better look for what to do to make corpers’ lives on campus, safe and comfortable… RIP Man

  4. May his soul Rip….painful. They should pls ban this nysc stuff…. Tired of hearing bad news

  5. if he didn’t go now they will say he don’t love his father land, now that he is dead loving his father land they will say he is foolish to embark on such risky journey.. RIP man, RIP

  6. What is really happening the number of coppers that have died this period is becoming something else, rest in peace man.

  7. That’s not true.. I served in the riverine area of bayelsa state and am 100% sure a life jacket is given to each and every Corper serving there… May his soul RIP

  8. Oh Lord I command the death that is killing the corpers to stop from today and for ever in the might name of Jesus Christ Amen and have mercy on us your children


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