Editorials Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them


Preparing for an interview is the most important thing to do when looking for a job. Unfortunately many job hunters are not always ready for an interview. Here are some interview questions and how to answer them.

Why Do You Want to Work for our company?

The interviewer wants to know your knowledge about their company and what they are into. They want to be that you have done your research about them. So always find out about the company before you go for their interview.

Why Should I Hire You?

“I can get the job done” is the simple answer. Then you can go further by explaining your skills, experience and education and how it would benefit the company. Confirm that you have all it takes to hold the position successfully.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

This isn’t an easy question to answer but there is a way to take advantage of it. For example you can say you are constantly working on improving your skills. You should answer these question with a positive conotation. Paint the weakness as a positive advantage. For instance you can say you are too anxious to get a job done which could be a weakness when working on a team.

Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?
Well its best to be honest but you shouldn’t present it as your fault. Your answer would greatly depend on your reason. Whatever you choose to say, just make it sound logical and appropriate.

Why are you better than the rest of the candidates?
The interviewer wants to know your unique qualities. In answer this question, you can use your skills, experience and education as a point of reference. For instance, “I speak 4 languages fluently” or “I have a PhD in Physics” or “I have worked on a very similar project, and I know exactly what to expect”.

What Are Your Career Goals?
Your goals might be different from what the job requires but if you need to get considered as a great candidate for the position, your answer must please the interviewer. Make sure you career goals are flexible and you should be able to relate it to the position. This might work: “I would like to work for a reputable company, where I can continue to develop as a professional”.

What Salary Are You Seeking?
You will be safer if the employer gives you their figure but it is not always the case. So you may say what salary you expect and explain why you are worth that amount making reference to your skills and qualifications. Another trick is to answer the question with a question. For example “What budget did you have in mind for this position?”. Amother approach will be to say something like “I’m sure that if you decide to hire me, we can work out a salary figure, which will work for both parties.”

The important thing is to be prepared for the interview. You can practice answering those questions for a smooth presentation to woo the interviewer.

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  1. Komolafe Oluwadamilola of caleb university imota lagos. This is a speech communication because it teaches you on interviews and how you can address it


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