Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Chris Okotie Wants To Destroy My Marriage, He’s a Devil- Emeka Ike

Chris Okotie Wants To Destroy My Marriage, He’s a Devil- Emeka Ike


Chris Okotie Wants To Destroy My Marriage, He's a Devil- Emeka IkeNollywood actor Emeka Ike said Pastor Chris Okotie wants to destroy his marriage. The actor who’s in trying to settle his marriage problems in court with his wife said Okotie has been frustrating his effort.

According to the Emeka:

“I want people to look into this issue critically. I’ve never beaten this woman in my life. When she ran out of home, I called my pastor and they took us for counselling. For one week, I was begging her every day; I would go home alone and she would go home alone as well.

“At a point, pastor asked us to write five things we like and dislike about each other. The pastor said that maybe we could work it out. I wrote mine, she wrote hers and she never said there that I used to beat her. I still have that document with me. She gave me what she wrote and I gave her what I wrote. If I used to beat her, she could not have left it out from that then. Any man that beats a woman is a coward. I know that someone somewhere must have done something to her. How can I beat a woman I adore so much? I love my family and this is very unfortunate. Her children have been begging her to come home, and she has refused.

“I am pretty sure my wife is acting confused; she is acting as if she is under a spell, which is psychological and then she is acting under blackmail.

“There was a time I accused her of bringing men to my house. I mean, which woman will wake her husband up in the middle of the night and said to him, share your property I want to get my share now from what you have? Tell me, which woman will do that if not acting under a spell?

“There was a time I travelled and she closed down my school and sent all the students away. So, there is a lot to it, other than the allegation of battery against me and I want the whole world to know. My name is precious to me and I don’t want anything to drag it in the mud.

“Pastor Chris Okotie just absolved my wife into his church without making any effort to get in touch with me. If as a pastor, your church member is having issue with her husband, and you failed to do anything to resolve it, what kind of pastor are you? When I called him, he refused to pick my call. He also failed to react to a text message I sent to him. Is that a man of God? Even, if you have a police case, they will make effort to hear from you before taking a position, not to talk of the church.

“When we went to court, I told my wife that I’m interested in amicable settlement of the matter, and that I still want her back. But she refused. Even, if you don’t want me, what of your children, I asked her and she still would not listen to me. I want the whole world to know because there is a lot of misinformation out there. The lawyer which Okotie hired for my wife is also frustrating every attempt I make to resolve the matter peacefully,”

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  1. Lol really,oga emeka re u sure say na Chris, cos it look to me u will be a man that don’t carry his family along. I wonder if dis gist is even true sef?

  2. Are u saying the truth?is yes God will help u solve it.if no repent please.

  3. Emeka ike u just talk 2 much and outta point.ur marriage u already destroyd wt ur hands is wt ur trying to push d blames over 2 anoda person? ? Was chris d one abusing n beating ur wife in ur marriage?? Was he d one who instigated u shld be following women around?? I just dnt like u emeka ike.am praying dt ur wife lives dt u people’s God forsaken union n gts hooked up wt anoda man who wld value her worth cos ur nt a gud man neither r u worth any iota of stress.

    • Queensesy Ugo N how did u no he’s saying d truth??are u living wt dm?? Did u think ds is d very first time or d 2nd time over d years am hearing of ds emeka ikes marriage abuse 2wds his wife? ? Yeah he may be saying part of d truth bt who triggered d wife in2 behaving d way she’s behaving by nt wanting to go bk 2 ds man?did u no thrs a day my sister confessed 2 seeing emeka on location talking 2 d wife on phone as if he’s talking to his maid?my dear go and read his wife’s version n cm bk to emekas version n draw ur judgement n conclusion. Emeka has always had a questionable xter right from ages.tx

    • Stop been hard on this young man. U pple r so good at been negative. What if what he is saying is true?

    • Then let him go and sort his shit out int the sacred way between them he was able to win her heart

    • dont talk lyk dat,if wot he is sayin is wrong y did he ve to metion d name of a well known pastor,tink bfor concludin cus u might be sayin d exact opposit of wot is [email protected]

    • I wouldn’t know what went wrong,I think a strong man shouldn’t shift blame to people for his failed marriage because after listening to people’s advice the one you advised yourself is the best ,so he should think of a way to resolve issues than to blame people,first it was ibinabo fiberisima he blamed now is pastor Chris,who knows how many more is on his list.i wish you all the best emeka ike

    • Where u there? Be careful wat u wish others bcos it might come 2 u one day. A man of God should be mending not trying 2 take sides in marriage issues. U’re öt perfect neither is okotie. Be wise bro

    • many people are too abusive, marriage is for better or worse.what business does Chris oketie has with his wife, a pastor who couldn’t manage his home.


  5. This man is saying the truth,i can tell from all he said,which woman will leav her kids ad run awy(u either take ur kids wit u,cos we love our kids so much.that woman is having fun out there.

    • @Queensesy ugo I swear 2 God if u had followed ds emeka ike n d wifes case right from d onset u wldnt blv wt dt liar of a man is saying 2 cover up his mess. D wife didn’t abandon her kids instead emeka denies her d access to her kids . don’t mind wt emeka is saying. No matter hw stupid a mother cn be it cn neva reach 2 d extent of her abandoning her kids in moving away.ds lady has had more than enough dts why she backed off . source 4 d story, follow it up n u wld knw dt emeka ike is jst blabbing to cover up his shame.

  6. Emeka Ike,I advice u go 2 God in prayers on ur own becos,his the only 1 who can bring bck peace in2 ur home. The enemy has visited ur household,Fast 4 somedays if posible,do midnite prayers,ask God 2 4give u 4rm every sin and promise him something. His a merciful God and he still loves u.

  7. Don’t worry bro. God will make you happy, leave it all to God. She will soon realize what damage she is doing to herself. I pray it won’t be late by then. It is sooo tragic that what you guys act in movies is happening to you in reality. You will overcome this don’t worry

  8. Blessing emeh you have said it all. Repentance and prayer frm him is needed in this matter. The devil is crashing marriages all over the world today. It is an institution established by God, but the devil is turning peoples back toward God through marriage. As for those asking if you live with them, do you live with them too? Third party in marriage is a big problem

  9. That’s very bad, a man of God should create peace in a family N not cause confusion even if they are having issues he should talk to both of them to settle the issue no marriage is perfect n no human as well we all have lapses we only manage ourselves n move on with life pastor whatever y don’t u watch Emmanuel t.v and learn from prophet tb Joshua on how he settles marriage couples, God is love peace n tolerance so we must learn to follow his foot steps.

  10. Emeka doesnt need to put d blame on anyone,nt even pst Christ.All he needs to do is to amend his crooked life n see how things will go well with his marriage

  11. Ma dear, I can’t believe this is happening in ur home. Buh pls be strong God will surly hv his way in ur family he alone knows d truth.

  12. Don’t judge him because of what he is going thru,it might be the truth any good man of God will settle disputes among his church members and don’t even forget that there are wickedness in high places too, may be the pastor is pushing the wife to do what she is doing and might be having an affair with the pastor nobody knows.He is right to accuse the pastor because the pastor did not do what he was expecting from him but he rather went ahead to take a lawyer for the wife why? If he doesn’t have any secret to hide…

  13. Emeka Ike before you married many people would have tried to break you both up and it wasn’t possible cos you were in love if you have a good relationship with your wife no pastor no man can put asunder ,go check yourself out leave pastor Chris okotie alone maybe your wife is tired of you and the drama she faces around you and misinterpreted his words if you think he has a hand in it ,,from his church I have meet wonderful couples so it’s a personal thing .

  14. And if i may ask, what is Emeka Ike doing in pastor Okotie’s church? I thought you said you worship with Fountain of life church. Anyway, what you see is what you get when you shop in different man made churches.

  15. Chris Okotie ia a divorcee, how then can he help another settle their own relationship. Well i don’t know whether u re telling the truth or not but what i understood is that u really want ur wife back and it also mean that u will amend ur ways if wrong, i pray that the Almighty God will hear ur cry cus DIVORCE is not good as a christian.

  16. So its not fiberisima that’s wnts to destroy ur marriage anymore,now I blive that u are on drugs,it hurts o pls find a solution to ur mess and clean it up,if ur church is not good for u then change church,na by force.

  17. No man should judge, but one cannot give out what he or she doesn’t have. Change church and pray your marriage out. God will help you if you really want peace.

  18. Why do the husbands of mixed raced ladies always blame Okotie for mishaps in their marriages.

  19. I advice u quit nollywood life 4 now and embrace God. Thats d only option if actually u need ur family. With wat u guys do in d name of being a celebrity, it maybe impossible 2 save ur marriage. Okotie himself is a divorcee and may not help u in anyway. May God be with u

  20. Emeka check ur life very well.lf really u love ur wife, not minding wot people will say bring her bacThere shldnt be 3rd parties.lf u put her away n marry another wife,its adultry.God has blessed u why cant u concentrate in ur marriage.lf u close ur eyes totally today everything,remember u will give acct of everything bf God.Those ladies out there are 100% ready to destroy ur marriage.l advice u to say no to that.No marriage is hundred percent perfect but u ve to manage it.l speak peace in that marriage.Udo chia n’ ezi na ulo gi na aha jesus Amen

  21. What is the marital life of chris okotie? What do you expect from a female congrigator under chris ministration? You teach what u believe in.

  22. Just go to God in prayers Tell him that any one that is wearing the garment of my marriage let him catch fire by the power of the holy Ghost and it is stealed


  24. If what Emeka Ike, is saying is true that means Chris Okolie is not a real man of God, what God has put together no man or woman shall put asunder, cos i have not read in the holy bible were God say we should divorce a woman or man instead he says we should should live in peace, cos marriage stuff is not an easy journey for different upbring to stay together as 1 with different character hmm is not easy, even holy bible made us to understand that woman are weaker vessel in the book of 1peter 3v7, book of Ephesians 5v28 man should love his wife just the way he love his body, book of proverb 14v1 says wise woman build there home while the foolish woman pull her home down, to finish it all proverb 18v22 says he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing so that he will obtain favour from almighty God. Emeka if you know you are doing an evil things in secret becarefull cos God is watching you go back to God cos i no that nobody is perfect except Jesus Christ.

  25. I wonder why your wife will run to a pastor who has no clue about what marriage is all about. I sympathise with you Emeka because as an Igbo man you want your marriage working at all cost. Stop running after your wife, give her some time and concentrate on your children and wellbeing. She will come back to her senses. No true man of God will encourage follower to divorce on grounds other than adultery. All other issues can be resolved. I won’t be surprised if the so called man of God or one of his rich members has interest in your wife. Its good you talking about his involvement in your marital crisis publicly…I just cant stand his weird Christianity.

  26. I wonder why your wife will run to a pastor who has no clue about what marriage is all about. I sympathise with you Emeka because as an Igbo man you want your marriage working at all cost. Stop running after your wife, give her some time and concentrate on your children and wellbeing. She will come back to her senses. No true man of God will encourage follower to divorce on grounds other than adultery. All other issues can be resolved. I won’t be surprised if the so called man of God or one of his rich members has interest in your wife. Its good you talking about his involvement in your marital crisis publicly…I just cant stand his weird Christianity.

  27. @ Golden pearl Dency, bear it in mind dat marriage is for better for worst. u don’t pray for a couple to divorce bcos whatever prayer u prayed for someone will surely come to u, ur sister told u dat Emeka is asking her out nd what kind of advice did u give to her? To go ahead nd extort money from him nd give u some or what? huh? Tell me dat pastor is he living with wife amicably? no body is perfect in dis earth so what we need is prayer nd God’s grace nd his intervention to live. from d look of things u dnt Emeka u only hearing abt him nd his non challant attitudes toward his wife, see no body is born to be a devil or monster but there must be a root cause of reason why he do dat, but remember i did not support him doing anything stupid to his wife nd i pray God will deliver him. so pls dnt be one sided in ur judgement bcos Emeka cannot beat his wife for no just cause. To me Emeka nd his wife have blames period.

  28. My brother take it easy must women are like that, just go to God in prayers noting God can’t do maybe she’s inlove with samebody else because i dnt think that’s because of beat may God deliver her

  29. Emeka u re d course of ur problem,u started dating d gal wen she was in sec school,so she wants to try anoda side of men,she is feeling cheated,as for ur pastors side ,sorry,and pray harder,advice…………

  30. My brother Emeka Ike, accept the fact and try be a man again to pick up your debris. A city set on a hill can not be hidden, and remain a man you are at all time. Talk less, do less and keep them far away from families and friends if you found it necessary. Go and apologise to the man of God seek his blessings and he will help you recall your wife for you. May God help you.


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