Entertainment News Chris Brown’s Home Invasion Could Cause Him To Lose Custody Of His...

Chris Brown’s Home Invasion Could Cause Him To Lose Custody Of His Daughter, Royalty.


On the back of Chris Brown having three robbers break into his home, his baby mama, Nia Guzman feels their daughter, Royalty, is not safe being around Chris Brown.

According to a recent report, Nia Guzman thinks that Brown’s latest home invasion at his mansion on early on Wednesday means that his friends are too dangerous.

She doesn’t feel that their baby, Royalty, should stay in his home.

According to a TMZ report, she thinks that they are either gang-related or gang members.

Early Wednesday morning, a group of robbers broke into Brown’s home and held his aunt at gunpoint. Brown was away from his home and partying at Argyle nightclub in Hollywood.

It’s been assumed that robbers “ransacked” the singer’s home, before taking money and other expensive belongings before feeling the scene. While police made it to the scene after Brown’s aunt called 911, the robbers left by the time they arrived.

It’s been reported that the home invasion happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday. As for Brown, he arrived to his home about an hour later.

Brown has recently filed court documents in a custody battle earlier this month. He agreed to seek custody and make child support payments for Royalty. Now it looks like Brown’s latest home invasion will be taken into account during this ongoing court battle.



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